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How technology unlocks business models: The story of Netflix

Sixteen years after its reinvention as a streaming company, Netflix announced that it's shuttering its mail-order DVD business. Here's a look at how it got to where it is today.

Substack takes a different tack to raise more capital

Substack is framing its crowdfund as a way for its users to buy into the platform they use. The sticky bit is price.

Pitch Deck Teardown: MiO Marketplace’s $550K angel deck

MiO Marketplace, a platform for media publishers and buyers, shared the deck it used to raise an angel round of $550,000 at a $3.6 million pre-money valuation.

Perhaps Substack can grow just fine without venture dollars

Substack, a publishing platform known for its newsletter service, announced this week that it had crossed the 2 million paid subscription mark. What does that add up to for its business?

How the NYT is building a modern tech stack to drive every part of its media biz

When the NYT hired a CTO, they chose someone with experience building infrastructure at big tech companies to help build a modern tech stack.

Can Korean digital storytelling platforms captivate North American and European audiences?

Korean storytelling companies want to kindle the popularity of webtoons and web novels in the West on the back of their success in East Asia.

Twitter’s data leak response is a lesson in how not to do cybersecurity

For startups trying to avoid making the same mistake and running afoul of watchful U.S. regulators: Watch what Musk-led Twitter is doing, and do the opposite.

The best books that startup founders read in 2022

TechCrunch+ collected book recommendations from both venture capitalists and founders. Here are startup founders' favorite books of 2022.

Censorship, lockdowns, arbitrary bans — Twitter is turning into the China of social media

For a social media platform that staked its claim on championing free speech, it’s been a remarkably swift turn of events.

On Dropbox, Slack pings and Twitter moderation

The stories behind Dropbox, Slack and now Twitter moderation showcase the massive complexity of building and running digital services.

Just how bad is the Q1 ad market going to be?

What do media layoffs and tech worries have in common? Fear about what's ahead in coming quarters, especially as it relates to advertising revenues.

Tech’s growth story shifted this year. How has that impacted transparency?

Vijay Chattha, a seasoned startup comms expert, appeared on the Equity podcast to talk with Natasha Mascarenhas about startup storytelling and vulnerability.

A scale story: TechCrunch’s parent company links up with Taboola

Taboola expects to get bigger, more profitable and more self-sustaining than before thanks to Yahoo.

TechCrunch staff on what we lose if we lose Twitter

While nobody knows what will happen to Twitter, we can't help but consider what we'd miss if it went away.

I volunteer as tribute!

I cannot wait to sign up for Hardcore Twitter (not included in Twitter Blue!) so that I can break my spirit so that a billionaire who made a business whoopsie can save face.

I’m not really in the mood to finance your vanity project

Surely the world's richest man, a nation awash in natural resource wealth and investors paid to allocate billions of other folks' money can afford to run the bird app.

Let’s check in on community-focused startups

Clubhouse, Chief and On Deck all give us a snapshot into how community startups are doing right now. Hint: It's more complicated these days.

Clubhouse’s Paul Davison on Twitter, the impact of hype and what happened

Clubhouse CEO and co-founder Paul Davison came to TechCrunch Disrupt to talk about life after the hype and its most formidable competitor, Twitter.

Netflix results confirm we’re not in 2021 anymore

Netflix had a pretty great third quarter. But we are more interested in how the markets reacted: with a virtual clap.

Will M&A bring relief to media startups amid a public-market hangover?

With public-market exits effectively off the table and M&A for media startups historically capped around 6x-8x, the upside in media deals isn’t very high compared to other investing opportunities.
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