• Shure unveils SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones, Audiophiles Rejoice

    Shure announced their latest sound isolating earphones today (don’t call them earbuds), the SE315. The SE315’s are a single driver earphone with a full range of sound, and a detachable cable. Read More

  • Hands-on: a-JAYS Three earphones

    Fresh off the boat from Sweden are a-JAYS’ new pair of affordable ear buds — the a-JAYS Three. The set is priced at $60, which is somewhat of a tough price point as it’s just above the cheap, impulse-buy mark and high-end ‘phones traditionally start north of $100. But we’re not here to discuse market pricing schemes. Nope, we’re here to find out how… Read More

  • A spot for your earphones

    For $13, you can purchase Spot for Earphones, a simple little solution for managing the long cord on your MP3 player’s headphones. It’s certainly a lot more expensive than the perennial Altoids tin earbud case, but it’s a good bit more functional, too. The integrated clip allows you to attach the Spot to any piece of clothing or accessory to keep it handy but out of the way. Read More

  • Pioneer's "Cherry" and "Leather Belt" Earphones

    I don’t know what it is about Japan and earphones, but this country does offer some unique ones. Today, it wasn’t some weird little company but Pioneer that announced strange earphones: One is cherry-shaped [JP], the other looks like a piece of a leather belt [JP] for some reason. Read More

  • HA-FX700: JVC's wooden (and pricey) earphones

    About a year ago, JVC started selling headphones with wooden housing in Japan, claiming the superior sound quality they bring justify the high price ($730). And today the company announced the HA-FX700 [JP], earphones partly made of wood. And we have the same things coming with it again: JVC promising high sound quality and a relatively high price. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Ultimate Ears TripleFi earphones for $100 (today only)

    Wow. Announced about a year ago at a price of over $400, the Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 and TripleFi 10vi “Noise Isolating Earphones” are going for just $99.99 each on Amazon today, down from yesterday’s (and presumably tomorrow’s) price of $328. Read More

  • Now in more colors: Pig-shaped earphones

    Some Japanese gadget freaks do have a penchant for weird earphones, that’s for sure, meaning these things actually seem to sell. I doubt that otherwise, Tokyo-based accessory maker Greenhouse would have updated the buta (piggy) earphones they gave us in June 2008. It’s not a technical update but the same earphones are available in purple and orange now (see the picture above). Read More

  • These "Crazy Earphones" sure deserve their name

    Tokyo-based Solid Alliance is slowly but surely evolving into a serious competitor for Thanko in the wacky gadget department. So far, the company gave us a USB Ninja knife, a USB Terminator 4 skull and a spectacle-shaped USB stick. And now this: The aptly named “Crazy Earphones” [JP] (that’s their official name). Read More

  • Behold the future of headphones – TODAY!

    EXCITING TIMES, MY FRIENDS! Meritline just dropped a headphone bomb of awesome-tastic proportions with these – WAIT FOR IT – double-sided earbuds! One side is a cruddy, cheap earbud like you’d find included with a cruddy, cheap MP3 player while the other side is a fancy earbud that goes into the deepest depths of your ear for the ultimate in fancy sound, just like all the… Read More

  • Review: AKG K 340 in-canal headphones

    Mid- and high-end headphones are everywhere these days. AKG, previously known for recording and broadcast equipment, just added to the bunch by outing a slew of headphones, including these totally acceptable $119 K 340 in-canal buds. I’ve spent some good listening time with them, and I have to say that they are solid performers once you get over the somewhat awkward design. Read More

  • Thanko strikes again: Catgirl Earphones

    Tokyo-based crap gadget specialist Thanko is usually known for selling USB stuff nobody needs. Their newest hit product doesn’t feature a USB port, but the target group for their Catgirl Earphones [JP] should be quite small, too. Marketed as a gadget for the Cosplay crowd, the earphones are supposed to turn your girlfriend into a cute catgirl. Read More