Etymotic now offering ACS custom molding on the hf2 earphones


A prominent sound engineer once told me that Etymotic was one of three headphone manufacturers in existence today that actually produces high fidelity in-ear ‘phones worth buying. That’s a pretty bold statement, but an accurate one.

Of all the Etymotic earphones that I’ve tried, I’ve never had issue with the tree tips since they provide more than adequate noise-isolation, but custom tips are always best. So, Etymotic has teamed up with Advanced Communication Solutions to provide custom-made silicone tips for the hf2 earphones, which cater to the Apple crowd with the in-line controls.

Starting April 28, the hf2 Custom-Fit models will be available with a redeemable voucher that entitles the new owner to a 15-minute ear impression appointment at one of 300 approved shops. That’s nice and dandy, but you’ll be forking over an extra $180 on top of the $180 you spent on the earphones for the custom moldings.

Etymotic (PDF) via Tech Digest