Behold the future of headphones – TODAY!


EXCITING TIMES, MY FRIENDS! Meritline just dropped a headphone bomb of awesome-tastic proportions with these – WAIT FOR IT – double-sided earbuds! One side is a cruddy, cheap earbud like you’d find included with a cruddy, cheap MP3 player while the other side is a fancy earbud that goes into the deepest depths of your ear for the ultimate in fancy sound, just like all the cool kids from Party Town, USA get to listen to all the time! Now you can too!

So what would you expect to pay for such thrilling earbuds? Keep in mind that you’re getting two earbuds in one! A hundred dollars seems reasonable, although $50 would be much nicer. Beggars can’t be choos—WHAT? ONLY $9.99??? WITH FREE SHIPPING?!!!


Double Sides (In-Ear and Normal) Earphone [Meritline]