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Safaricom rolls out Bonga social networking platform to augment M-Pesa

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor South Africa’s FlexClub raises $1.2M, partners with Ub

Federal Judge Shuts Down Aereo Service In Salt Lake City And Utah With Preliminary Injunction

TV startup Aereo has been handed a decision that isn’t in its favor in at least one battleground where it’s fighting broadcasters in court: In Utah, a federal judge imposed a temporary inj

Late, Expensive And Probably Redundant: YouView Finally Launches UK Digital TV Service

Two years after it was meant to go live, and with a list of backers that includes the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Arqiva, BT and TalkTalk, YouView today <a target="_blank" href="http://www2.youvie

Digital Video Consolidation: Avail-TVN Picks Up $100M From Carlyle, Buys UK’s On Demand Group For $27M

A double-whammy in the digital video space today: <a href="">Avail-TVN</a>, a video services provider that works with companies like NBC, Univision, and brands like Mattel, has

Aereo Actually Has A Shot At Beating The Broadcast Networks

If you aren't paying attention to <a href="">the unfolding Aereo case</a>, you should be. It will have industry-changing consequenc

MetroPCS Launching Live Mobile TV Service Later This Year

Today, <a href="">MetroPCS</a> has announced a partnership with the <a href="">Mobile Content Venture</a> (MCV) on a new service that will bring live digi

Only in Japan: USB stick lets users watch digital TV on their iPhones

<img src="" /> In Japan, it's hard to find a cell phone that <em>doesn't</em> come with a digital TV tuner nowadays. Some of them even

DMP-BV100: Panasonic presents portable TV and Blu-ray player combo (but it's Japan-only)

<img src="" /> You might ask who really needs a portable TV to view Blu-rays on it but obviously Panasonic doesn't car

Congress wants $650 million to subsidize more digital TV converter boxes

<img src="" />The FCC may not have done enough to promote next month's <a HREF="

Video: Joe The Plumber explains how to install a DTV converter box

Oh God, yes! has released the second video featuring America’s favorite person from one month ago, Joe The Plumber. It’s so great, I’m literally ready for a pap sme

Video: Joe the Plumber explains the upcoming digital TV transition (for some reason)

Hey, America, remember Joe the Plumber? He was the unlicensed handyman who John McCain foisted upon us as some sort of tax expert (even though he had back taxes). Well that didn’t exactly work o

Best Buy in ‘The New Adventures of Your Old TV’

Round of applause for Best Buy, which aims to educate you all about the upcoming digital TV transition. (Remember the big day: February 17, 2009.) The lastelectronics retailer left standing will hold

Japanese iPhone gets official digital TV WiFi tuner/battery extender

Softbank Mobile today announced the release of a One-Seg digital TV tuner for the iPhone [JP] for the middle of December. One-Seg is a digital TV system only available in Japan and Brazil and usually

Oscar night to be ruined by digital TV switchover

In the wake of record low viewership for last year’s Academy Awards ceremony, those involved with the show coming up in January are launching a pre-emptive strike to blame the switchover to digital

Wilmington, NC residents make the switch to all-digital TV

Early reports indicate everything is gravy, but we won’t know for sure for another couple days. Anyone living in Wilmington, NC?

Sony intros a super-cute, Japan-only and waterproof Bravia TV

Sony Japan today added the XDV-W600 [JP], a mini TV (145×42×98mm, 302g) to their Bravia brand. The new device is waterproof and supports the Japanese digital TV standard One-Seg. The 4-inch LCD TV (

Winegard releasing a battery-powered DTV converter box

What a novel idea; a battery-powered DTV converter box. I believe this is the first of it’s kind and I’m thankfully Winegard has developed the little bugger. With analog broadcasts going b

AMD's DTV biz gets scooped up by Broadcom

AMD wanted to get out of the DTV market for a bit now and just found a buyer. Broadcom, maker of chips and bits inside of broadcast equipment, is paying $192.8 million in cash to acquire all of AMD&#8

Millions of poor Japanese to get digital TV tuners for free

In light of the end of analogue TV broadcasting in Japan in July 2011, the Japanese government today announced that it’s considering providing up to 1 million households on welfare in this count

Cable companies salivating over digital TV switch

Cable companies are excited about the impending switch to digital TV. It’s not just about broadcast, but also the elimination of analog signals via cable as well. That means the operators will r
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