Congress wants $650 million to subsidize more digital TV converter boxes

The FCC may not have done enough to promote next month’s transition to digital TV, but that doesn’t mean Your Government has given up on you! Congress has just asked for an additional $650 million to pay for more digital converter box vouchers.

Yup, Democrats in the House are trying to find some room in one of the half-dozen stimulus packages to ensure that folks have access to affordable digital TV converters. (Gizmodo has some Inside Baseball vis-a-vis why this whole conversion is taking so damn long.) Drudge has the sinister-looking prefix attached to the story, “Stimulous?” This, of course, implies that helping out the average American, making their life a little easier, isn’t worth taxpayer money. Heaven forbid the average, non-blog-reading guy didn’t know about the digital TV transition until recently, it’s not like he has other things on his mind.