DMP-BV100: Panasonic presents portable TV and Blu-ray player combo (but it's Japan-only)


You might ask who really needs a portable TV to view Blu-rays on it but obviously Panasonic doesn’t care. The company today announced the DMP-BV100 for the Japanese market [JP], a device that’s equipped with a Blu-ray player and not one but four built-in antennas for full digital TV goodness. Needless to say the device is the first of its kind in the world.

The DMP-BV100 also features a VIERA 8.9-inch TFT screen (1024×60 resolution), an HDMI port, BD-Live, VIERA Link, Ethernet, a special YouTube playback function and an SD card slot.

Panasonic says the lithium ion battery lasts 2.5 hours if you watch movies on Blu-ray and needs 7 hours for a single charge. The device weighs 1.7kg and measures 256×202×58.7mm.

My guess is that this piece of hardware will remain Japan-only for a while. It costs $1,070 and hits stores March 15.