SiriusXM acquires Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco podcast company for $150 million

SiriusXM Holdings, Inc. announced the acquisition of Team Coco today, the Conan O’Brien-led podcast network and digital media business. The $150 million deal (valuation first reported by The Wall St

Conan O’Brien will return to TV with shows shot on iPhone and over video chat

Apple’s promise of high-quality video “shot on iPhone” is getting another real-world stress test, as late-night TV host Conan O’Brien announced on Wednesday he will return to d

Conan jabs at the new iPhone’s facial recognition system

The facial recognition system built into the iPhone X raises plenty of questions. Can I fool it with a photo? (No.) Will it work if I’m sleeping and someone puts my iPhone up to my face? (It sho

Conan O’Brien Has An Office Full Of Robots

If you haven't yet noticed, robots are kind of taking over the world. They're <a href="">writing quarterly earnings r

Conan Shows Us A World Where Google’s Self Driving Car “Has A Few Bugs”

Last week, Google <a href="">showed off the prototype for its self-driving cars</a>. Designed from scratch, the little bug-like vehicles look lik

Conan Takes On The iPad Mini And Apple’s Increasingly Crowded Tablet Lineup

Apple introduced the iPad mini last week, which hits shelves this Friday. In a video airing later tonight on his show, Conan O'Brien takes a look at Apple's ever-expanding range of tablet iOS devices,

Conan Wastes No Time Lampooning "Final Cut Pro Ex"

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-317522" title="Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 12.43.05 AM" src="" alt=""

Conan Roasts iPad 2: You'll Buy It No Matter What We Say [Video]

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Microsoft, News Corp in talks over Xbox Live channel (but it'll cost you $1 or $2 extra)

<img src="" />Would you be willing to pay an extra dollar or two per month for Xbox Live if you were able to watch live TV on it? That's w

NBC pulls anti-Jay Leno forum thread after everyone already had their fun

Well, it was fun for a whole lot of people while it latest, but the “Here’s what I wanna show Jay Leno” thread is gone forever. NBC no doubt pulled it after the pro-Conan shenanigans

NBC, it's probably too soon to ask the Internet to post things for Jay Leno to see

NBC clearly doesn’t get it. Don’t invite the Internet to “post photos, ideas, links, and other things” they want to show to Jay Leno after canning Conan. This is what happens.

Conan O'Brien puts his Tonight Show set on craigslist

We forgot to mention this, but if you want to buy Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show set make your way to Craigslist. Conan is asking for your best offer, or Coldplay tickets if you’re wil

Twilight dude could play Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4; Conan news

<img src="" />Shocking news, friends. You know the guy who plays Edward in <i>Twilight</i>, Robert Pattison? (Note: I <i>didn't</i> know

Video: Conan smashes Twitter again, and rightly so

<img src="" />Thank God Conan O'Brien isn't afraid to smash Twitter; it deserves to be teased mercilessly. So, for the second week in a

Conan O'Brien acknowledges Super Mario set design

<img src="" />Someone on Conan O'Brien's staff reads the Internet! Yes, last night Conan addressed the fact that his set for The Tonight S

Twitter Tracker: Conan pokes fun, hilarity ensues Bro’s a no no for CoCo? In case you missed the Twitter Tracker bit on Conan last night, here it is again in all its glory. It’s a must-watc

Star Wars or Star Trek?

<img src="" />Once and for all: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Video: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog makes fun of Comic-Con attendees Comic-Con 2008 came and went, and somehow this delightful Comic the Insult Comic Dog skit flew right under our nose

Jimmy Fallon, next host of Late Night, will cut his teeth on The Internet

Fans of late night talk shows—college students and people with babies who wake up 87 times during the night—know that Conan is scheduled to take over the Tonight Show in the autumn, and th

Polska wersja Conan-a Barbarzyncy wkrotce

The first MMORPG translated entirely into Polish, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures should hit your blok on May 20, ensuring that those who enjoy pierogi will also enjoy playing as Conan the Barbarian
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