Microsoft, News Corp in talks over Xbox Live channel (but it'll cost you $1 or $2 extra)

Would you be willing to pay an extra dollar or two per month for Xbox Live if you were able to watch live TV on it? That’s what Microsoft and News Corp. execs are currently contemplating, with the two companies in talks over bringing a “young, male” channel to XBL. Now, this is all rumor and speculation, so no need to freak out if you’re diametrically opposed to the idea.

The idea is to bring a channel to XBL in order to figure out a new way to get people to pay for Hollywood’s greatest whatever. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, so long as it’s made optional: I sure as heck don’t want to be forced to pay even one more penny for the privilege of watching, I don’t know, cool skateboard tricks, car crashes, or women jumping on trampolines à la The Man Show. I have zero interest in watching that.

And here’s a bit more gossip: apparently Conan was in talks with starting some sort of XBL channel before he agreed to go to TBS.