Conan Shows Us A World Where Google’s Self Driving Car “Has A Few Bugs”

Last week, Google showed off the prototype for its self-driving cars. Designed from scratch, the little bug-like vehicles look like gum drops on wheels (and they even have little faces,) inviting us into a relatively uncertain future where technology and a set of sensors literally take the wheel. Some are stoked about it. Others are more skeptical.

Conan O’Brien, ever the jokester, seems to be in the latter camp, with a segment dedicated to Google’s latest toy.

The segment uses original video from Google’s actual preview, where the team let regular people take the first rides in the self-driving cars, but throws in a few edits that show what the experience would be if Google’s cars had a few bugs.

Disclaimer: No actual kittens were harmed in the making of this video.

Google is currently in the process of building out a few hundred prototypes of their self-driving car, with hopes to get regulatory approval to roll these out in the wild.

They have a max speed of 25 MPH, about two feet of foam in the front to pad against collisions, and a plastic windshield instead of shatter-able glass. They’re built for safety, or at the very least for the appearance of safety, but it’s only natural to be slightly weary of how quickly things are changing.

But, a more important question: In Google’s self-driving cars, what the hell do you do with your hands?


You can check out Conan’s version of the first ride right here: