Conan jabs at the new iPhone’s facial recognition system

The facial recognition system built into the iPhone X raises plenty of questions. Can I fool it with a photo? (No.) Will it work if I’m sleeping and someone puts my iPhone up to my face? (It shouldn’t, unless you sleep with your eyes open.)

Who better than Apple’s Craig Federighi to answer all these burning questions? No one — no one except for a fake Craig Federighi, perhaps.

Conan just released a bit poking fun at Face ID, with Faux-derighi taking questions from a rather… interesting audience. For something thrown together in a little over a day, it’s pretty great. They even got Craig’s hair right! Check it out above.

Conan’s team is pretty well versed in all things Apple; they’ve tapped the company’s stuff for bits a bunch over the years, from the AirPods to its legal battles with Samsung.