Conan Roasts iPad 2: You'll Buy It No Matter What We Say [Video]

With every new Apple product launch, there’s now an expectation that we’re going to get a video made by Apple to help explain the product. You know the ones. They feature Apple executives (though, oddly, never CEO Steve Jobs) set against a white background telling us how great and revolutionary the product is. They’re brilliant and effective. But they definitely also take themselves way too seriously. And that’s why they’re the perfect target for parody.

We’ve seen dozens of people/groups mock these on the web. And now the professionals are getting involved. During his TBS show tonight, Conan O’Brien decided to take his shot. Like Jobs, O’Brien isn’t in the actual video. Instead he sets it up and lets his minions do the work. “I personally think that the people at Apple are starting to get a little bit cocky,” O’Brien says to set up his take on the iPad 2 (here’s Apple’s real video).

Enjoy below. I personally enjoy the Vice President of “Dream-Telligence”.