• Instagram now lets you choose who can comment on your posts

    Instagram now lets you choose who can comment on your posts

    Instagram is celebrating its milestone of reaching 800 million users on the platform, and 500 million using it daily, with new comment moderation tools that make it easier to silence anyone being potentially offensive. The new comment tools mean that if you have a public account on Instagram, you can limit comments to specific groups of people, including your followers or people you follow. Read More

  • Spotting sockpuppets with science

    Spotting sockpuppets with science

    If you’ve ever ventured into the comment section of a website or spent any time on forums or social media, you’ve probably encountered sockpuppets, fake accounts controlled by a single person — though it’s possible you didn’t know it at the time. New research may help ID these overeager commentators automatically, which is good news for engendering sane… Read More

  • Crunch Report | Waze Carpool Grows in Bay Area

    Twitter rolls out updates to combat abuse on its platform, YouTube launches mobile live stream and Super Chat exits beta, Waze Carpool grows in the Bay Area, Apple Beats are expected to drop February 10th and a recap from the 10th Annual Crunchies. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Instagram fights abuse with comment disabling and liking

    Instagram fights abuse with comment disabling and liking

    Twitter’s sluggish approach to combating harassment looks even slower today as Instagram pushed its third round of safety features this quarter. The company announced this morning three new features aimed at giving Instagram users more control over their accounts and the way they interact with others on the service. This includes the ability to turn off comments on individual posts… Read More

  • Crunch Report | GoPro Seriously Botches Earnings

    GoPro’s earnings report is pretty bad, Yelp to lay off 4% of workforce, YouTube upgrades its comments system, Ford has ideas for last-mile tech and the Obama administration looks to create 48 national charging corridors for electric vehicles. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • YouTube upgrades its comments system to give creators more control

    YouTube upgrades its comments system to give creators more control

    YouTube today is rolling out an upgrade to its comments system, with the goal of putting creators more in control of which comments get featured in the feed, as well as the ability to better interact with their viewers and fans. Along with the ability to pin comments to the top of the feed and hold back inappropriate comments for review, creators will also have their own usernames highlighted… Read More

  • Instagram nixes naughty comments

    Instagram nixes naughty comments

    Comment reels can become cesspools, especially on celebrity social media posts that get replies by the thousands. But now Instagram is letting its new business pages take out the trash with a new Comment Moderation option. It “Blocks comments with words or phrases often reported as offensive from appearing on your posts.” Instagram confirms to me that the feature rolled out… Read More

  • Facebook now lets users comment with a video

    Facebook now lets users comment with a video

    Facebook launched video comments today, a feature that acknowledges the meteoric rise and continued growth of online video creation and consumption. By 2020, internet video traffic will represent 82% of all consumer internet traffic, according to forecasts from the Cisco Visual Networking Index. It could also help Facebook catch up, yes catch up, to Snapchat in terms of daily videos viewed on… Read More

  • Periscope introduces real-time comment moderation

    Periscope introduces real-time comment moderation

    Livestreaming app Periscope is rolling out a new experiment with real-time comment moderation, the company announced today. While its parent company Twitter has struggled over the years with spam and abuse — without much success, let’s be honest — Periscope is aiming to go a different route with the introduction of a community-policed system where users can report and… Read More

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