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TechCrunch+ roundup: Rethinking PLG, AI-enabled SaaS pricing, traveling with a green card

When no one worried about IT spending, startups leaned into the bottom-up sales approach and driving PLG. But that was then, and this is now.

Climate startup CUR8 raises $6.5M from GV for its market-making platform for carbon removals

The IPCC has said the world needs to remove 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere by 2050 in order to avoid a climate cataclysm. And, yes, there are multiple methods for carbon remov

Three climate technologies every investor should have in their portfolio

There’s no way to create a definitive list of climate technologies to invest in, but here are three areas that deserve a closer look.

TechCrunch+’s holiday reading list

It's Memorial Day here in the United States, which means that the flow of tech news is slower than normal.

What is this? A car for ants? Volvo hypes EX30’s ‘smaller’ CO2 footprint

Volvo is back with new details on its forthcoming EX30 electric SUV. This time, the Swedish automaker is talking up the vehicle’s carbon footprint, claiming it is smaller “than any Volvo c

From seed to Series A in 7 months: Why and how Odyssey Energy Solutions moved quickly

The startup's platform helps launch, build and manage distributed renewable energy projects in emerging markets.

Night sweats to climate tech: Kelvin eyes heat pumps and nabs $30M

Radiator Labs, a company born to solve steam radiator night sweats (an all–too–common problem in cities such as New York), is expanding beyond smart radiator covers with $30 million in fre

Climate risk startup Mitiga gets $14.4M to help businesses face an uncertain future

One pretty obvious aspect of the climate emergency which may have flown under your radar is that human-driven global heating is disrupting traditional approaches to risk modelling around natural disas

TechCrunch+ roundup: Psychedelics VC survey, how to run an AI pilot, Europe’s robotics renaissance

Psychedelic startups want to make psilocybin, ketamine and other substances more mainstream, but how are investors approaching this space?

Tangible wants to scale up construction decarbonization

The real estate industry is a bit of a greenhouse gas powerhouse, responsible for 40% of all global emissions. A quarter of that comes from building materials, and Tangible has had enough. The compan

Big-time VCs link arms for climate coalition

About two-dozen venture capital firms say they are teaming up to “build a robust movement” in the VC business to combat the climate crisis. The group calls itself the Venture Climate Allia

Home energy assessment startup Enter raises €19.4M Series A to expand in Germany and beyond

Largely because of their age, houses in Europe can be notoriously hard to heat. Most were built for an era when the knowledge about energy consumption just wasn’t available in the way it is toda

Tanso banks a seed for its CO2 footprint software for industrial manufacturers

Munch-based climate tech startup Tanso, which sells software to help industrial manufacturers carry out sustainability reporting and carbon accounting, has banked €6.5 million in early stage growth

African climate startups set to gain ground as VC funding shifts their way

There are signs that funding for climate tech startups will persist in the near term as new funds emerge in Africa.

NovoNutrients wants to turn CO2 into protein

NovoNutrients will be building a pilot-scale plant with help from a $3 million technology and investment deal.

‘Drink to dust’: Startup says just smash its clay alternative to plastic cups

Disposable plastic and paper cups are an environmental mess. GaeaStar, a startup based in Berlin and San Francisco, thinks it can do better with just clay, water, salt and sand. After piloting disposa

HeatTransformers turns up the dial on heat pumps with new funding

In the Netherlands, central heating boilers will be banned by 2026 and its government has incentivized the installation of heat pumps. Meanwhile, the U.K. government estimates that heating buildings a

Climate tech tapped the brakes in Q1. Will the slowdown continue?

Climate tech’s resilience has led some to call it the ultimate “recession proof” investment. Is that still true?

Equator secures $40M in commitments for fund targeting climate tech startups in Africa

Africa contributes less than 3% of the world’s energy-related carbon dioxide emissions but the continent will be one of the most impacted by the adverse effects of climate change. Some explanations

Gen Phoenix’s upcycled leather woos luxury brand investors

The materials developer formerly known as ELeather has a new name and $18 million in fresh growth funding from some of the world’s fanciest brands. Now going by Generation Phoenix, the upcycler
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