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Stand By To Configure Chevy Volt

<img src="" />The time has come to fiddle around with all the options for your new <a href="">Che

GM's Voltec Charging Station Costs May Total ~$2000

<img src="" />While the Volt will charge overnight on a normal outlet, those with less predictable schedules may understandably want

Chevy Volt 240V Home Charging Kit: $490 (That's Without Installation Taken Into Account)

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Chevrolet</a> has just announced the price for the <a HREF="http://

The Chevy Cruze EV, With Its 100 Mile Range, Should Give The Volt, Leaf Some Green Competition

<img src="">It seems that the <a href="">Chevy Volt</a> will soon have competition from

The Chevy Volt Is GM's Knight In Gleaming Chrome And White Plastic

<img src="">One thing is clear to me now: GM gets it. Government Motors now understands the importance of cutting edge tech

Chevy Volt's 2012 Production Capacity Bumped From 30,000 to 45,000

<img src="">GM is banking large on the <a href="">Chevy Volt</a> and apparently f

$41,000 For The Chevy Volt? Sounds Right To Me.

<img src="" />I honestly laid in bed last night thinking about the <a href="">Chevy Vol

By The Numbers: Chevy Volt vs Nissan Leaf

It’s hard to ignore the looming EV vehicle showdown between the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf even though the vehicles are totally different in nature and target market. While the Nissan Leaf i

The Chevy Volt is now officially on sale for $41K MSRP minus up to a $7,500 tax credit

<img src="">The <a href="">Chevy Volt</a> will cost $41,000. GM finally went liv

Bloomberg: GM to price the Chevy Volt at "about" $40,000

GM is going live with the Chevy Volt‘s pricing today at Noon Eastern but Bloomberg apparently got word early from a source within GM. Apparently the price will be “about $40,000.” Th

GM to announce Chevy Volt pricing tomorrow

<img src="">The <a href="">Chevy Volt</a> is slowly and surely creeping towards dea

Video: The first Chevy Volt commercial advertises silence

<img src="">Chevrolet apparently has started advertising the <a href="">Chevy Volt</a> but you

GM: Chevy Volt Battery Warranty is eight years/100k miles

<img src="">The <a href="">Chevy Volt</a> is finally coming together. GM just went

First pre-production Volt rolls off the line

<img src="" />Things are looking good for the <a href="">Volt</a>. C

The Chevy Volt 200 degrees test

This test is no doubt neat. I mean, automakers test the exterior to make sure every piece can withstand extreme temperatures and they should. But how about the test where the Volt‘s battery is h

Oh, so the Chevy Volt song and dance was for 12-year olds, it's still not right

<img src="">This makes a bit more sense. Apparently the <a href="

GM, wtf is this Chevy Volt video?

Do not watch the video above. It will burn your eyes out and cut a few years off your life. Hopefully someone lost their job at GM over it because this is not how you sell the Chevy Volt. [GM-Volt via

The Chevy Volt will of course support Blackberry and iPhone apps

GM has a lot riding on the Chevy Volt. It’s not the vehicle that will save the company from failure, (the Chevy Cruze will do that) but it’s huge PR halo car. It will be the car that draws

Get excited: The Chevy Volt hits California late next year

<img src="" />Man, this thing is actually going to come out. GM said today that it's going to release the Chevy Volt late next year in

Are Chevy Volt buyers idiots? Audi's American president thinks so.

The Chevy Volt is “a car for idiots.” Really? Dem be fightin words, Johan de Nysschen.
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