Chevy Volt To Get Low Emissions Perks In California

Many in motoring are looking forward to an all-electric future, but as long as we’re burning fuel we’ll need to keep incentivizing low emissions. In California, a limited number of low-emissions vehicles are given stickers that let them travel in the HOV lanes, which residents know is a hell of a perk. Now Volt owners can get in on that action.

Chevrolet is making a low-emissions package standard in Californa for the 2012 model (which we’ll be testing soon), making owners eligible to apply for one of the stickers.

The new Volt has a modified catalytic converter that helps reduce the tailpipe emissions, and of course it goes for around 35 miles without producing any emissions at all. So it’s a fairly clean little car.

This also makes the Volt eligible for a $1500 California clean vehicles tax credit. On top of the $7500 federal credit that takes a lot of the bite out of its sticker price, though that could certainly be lower as well.