GM Announces The Next Volt, The Cadillac ELR

GM makes money from platforms, not just cars. With that thought, Cadillac just announced the ELR Coupe, a sleek sportster built on the Voltec platform that also powers the Volt. The dual-powertrain Caddy has been rumored ever since a concept (pictured here) was shown off at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. Well, friends, it’s on.

The ELR will use the same version of the Voltec that powers the Volt including the same four-cylinder 1.4L generator. This makes the ELR sound nothing more than a reskinned Volt instead of the tuned electric roadster worth of that sexy sheet metal. Nothing says American sports coupe like a 0-to-60 time in eight and half seconds.

Cadillac has yet to announce any real details about the upcoming coupe. “Development of the ELR is just underway, so details on performance, price and timing will be announced later,” says the press release.

The extended coupe design actually makes a lot of sense for the Volt’s 2+2 configuration. The rear seats are not all that usable anyway. This modified design likely allows it to slip through the air with even less resistance. The photos shown here are of the 2009 Converj concept. The brand is pretty loyal to its sharp lines and massive grill design so the production version will probably follow the same styling cues if not be exactly the same thing.

The Chevy Volt hasn’t exactly been a huge hit for GM. The auto maker reportedly sold just 125 last month and less than 3,000 so far this year. The model will soon be available nationwide, which might help move a few more off dealer lots. This Cadillac model will be the second production car, outside of the Volt’s European and Australian cousins, to utilize the series and hybrid powertrain. Since it wears the crest and wreath logo, it might even have a well-appointed cabin rather than the plastic toy that is the Chevy Volt.