Never Lose Your Keys Again Thanks To StickNFind’s Bluetooth Stickers

Here’s a novel way to keep track of your wallet, your cat, or, yes, your keys.

Jimmy Buchheim stopped by the the TechCrunch booth at the Consumer Electronics Show to demo StickNFind, a bluetooth sticker technology that you can use to track almost anything. Once you’ve attached the sticker to an object of your choice, you can track it down again using the StickNFind iOS and Android apps, which tell you whether you’re getting farther from or closer to the object in question — basically, it’s the tech version of that that hotter/colder game.

In the video, you can watch me track down a sticker that the TechCrunch crew has hidden. It took the app a little while to refresh as I walked around, but I was eventually able to find the “keys.” (Full disclosure: They told me the sticker’s location ahead of time.)

StickNFind uses Bluetooth technology, so it still works in situations — like CES — with limited cell phone reception. The company said it has a range of about 100 feet. Other features include a “virtual leash,” so you’re alerted when something moves a certain distance away. It plans to sell two stickers for $49.95 or four for $89.95.

StickNFind is also in the final stretch of an Indiegogo campaign. It has already blown past the goal, raising $734,000 on a $70,000 target, but you can still support the campaign and pre-order the product.