In A Sea Of iPad Cases, Lazy-Hands Stands Out With Little More Than Velcro, Cloth, and Ingenuity

CES is all about the little guy this year. At least, for us it is. As easy as it is to spill a thousand words out over some new 300-inch floating TV that no currently breathing mortal will be able to afford, we aimed to route around the show’s bellowing giants and find the self-made gems so often lost in their shadows.

Lazy-Hands is the epitome of one of these gems. Armed with little more than velcro, a humble booth, and a dash of ingenuity, they managed to catch our eye amongst thousands of competitors who were twice their size and nth as loud.

The concept behind Lazy-Hands isn’t a complicated one: take a velcro patch and stick it to your device, wrap a couple of velcro-friendly loops around your fingers, and you’ve got an iPad (or iPhone, or Kindle, or whatever else, really) that clings to your hand wherever you might want to place it. It’s a simple product made of almost fundamental materials, and yet it pulls off something quite neat.

Slapping a slab of velcro onto your $500 device obviously isn’t the prettiest solution, but it gets the job done in a universal way — and remember: this is a Mom N’ Pop operation. Let them ship a few thousand of these things and pull in a bit of tinkering money, then watch for what they come up with next.

The Lazy-Hands runs from $9.00 up to $18.00, depending on the size of the device you’re installing it on and the number of fingerloops that you’ll need to support its weight. You can find them all here.