Philips uWand Motion Controller Makes Another CES Appearance, Plays Fruit Ninja [Video]

The Philips uWand is no stranger to CES. It’s been at the show in the past, and as a prototype it has been around for even longer, but this time around it got an updated look and feel, along with refined control that now puts it pretty much at one-to-one sensitivity, and makes for a satisfying experience when playing games on the motion-enabled set-top box it’s paired with.

Philips is now actually working with companies including Marvell, Intel and Broadcom to bring uWand motion controls to home entertainment set-top boxes, so the version you see in the video above likely will actually make it to store shelves. Based on the testing and opinion of the random CES-goer we spoke to about the experience, it sounds like this is a near-final version that delivers very accurate motion input detection. It definitely looked butter smooth playing Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja, which was itself a star of at least 500 CES demos this year.