carbon accounting

Bend is taking on Brex and Ramp with a green twist and a $2.5M seed round

Like many other credit cards, Bend offers rewards, though not the usual cash back or points-based fare. Instead, it offers carbon offsets.

Tanso banks a seed for its CO2 footprint software for industrial manufacturers

Munch-based climate tech startup Tanso, which sells software to help industrial manufacturers carry out sustainability reporting and carbon accounting, has banked €6.5 million in early stage growth

Arcadia wants to bring carbon transparency to ESG claims with Salesforce partnership

Arcadia today announced a partnership with Salesforce to add carbon accounting to the cloud company’s Net Zero Cloud offering. 

Google cancels half the projects at its internal R&D group Area 120

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, speaking at the Code Conference last week, suggested the tech company needed to become 20% more efficient — a comment some in the industry took to mean headcount reduct

Disclose your Scope 3 emissions, you cowards

Many companies are saying that they don’t take climate change seriously enough to fully understand — and disclose — their own impact on it.

Planet FWD secures $10M so consumer products industry can track carbon emissions

Companies use its emissions reductions engine during the product development phase to understand how to create products with lower carbon footprints.

CarbonChain helps automate carbon accounting across supply chains

Supply chains are made up of a web of carbon-intensive activities, and trying to nail down which company is contributing pollution along the way has been difficult to parse. CarbonChain, an early-stag