• Control your Canon DSLR with a Nintendo DS

    After trying to find a way to remotely control their DSLRs, the clever hackers at HDRLabs couldn’t really find anything that would do what they wanted. So what did they do? Built a control of their own, using a Nintendo DS. HDRLabs went on to make the device available, for free. All you have to do is build one yourself. Read More

  • It's Spring rebate season for Canon

    If you’re thinking of putting down some bread for a new lens, be sure to avail yourself of the various rebates in effect. Not that you’ll save more than $50 on a purchase of like a grand, but hey, that’s a couple filters or a lens bag right there. That 85mm 1.2L II is calling out my name — too bad I’m shaking change out of my old pants for ramen money right now. Read More

  • Canon weather-sealed 70-200mm L… coffee thermos?

    This is definitely the greatest coffee thermos out there — or at the very least the best I’ve seen today. Apparently they were giving these out at the Olympics press center (or likely “centre” — those clowns), and Microsoftie Josh Weisberg was the only person there to think of putting it on the internet. A room full of photographers and no one took its picture? Read More

  • Nikon developing a Canon G11 rival?

    The Canon PowerShot G series have always been one of the best compact shooters available. See that pic above? I shot that back in 2003 with a G3. Beautiful, isn’t? That’s Camp Tapico in Northern Michigan, where I spent every summer of my teenage life. Anyway, word on the street is that Nikon wants some of the action that the G series has enjoyed all by itself for so long. Better… Read More

  • Canon 5D mk II gets 24p video, improved audio in imminent update

    Good news for those of you shooting video on your 5D mk IIs — this month will bring the highly-anticipated 2.0.3 update, which improves a number of aspects of this already-excellent camera. A 24p mode has been added, thank god, which I know a ton of people were looking forward to — and 30p has been changed to 29.97 in order to be NTSC-compatible. Audio sampling has been bumped… Read More

  • Rumors a-swirling: Canon to put out revised 1D, L lenses next week?

    Canon appears to have an actual sieve in charge of holding their secrets, since not a day goes by that I don’t hear about this or that new patent or camera just around the corner. Maybe it’s just their canny marketing division seeding leak sites, and if so, bravo. But to business: if you are a millionaire, this is probably a post for you, since everything involved is high-end. I… Read More

  • First video sample from the just-announced Canon Rebel T2i/550D

    The YouTube video looks good to us, but then again, it’s not like Canon would show off the new T2i with a bad sample video. Now, how about a full resolution 1080p video? Read More

  • Canon keeps the PowerShot line alive with the SX210, SD3500, and SD1400 IS

    Canon knows how to make quality cameras and these latest pocket cams clearly show that off. The PowerShot SX210 IS leads the charge with a 14.1 MP sensor, 14x optical zoom, and a 720p video capture mode. Of course Canon’s loaded with a image stabilizer and DIGIC 4 processor to ensure the pics produced are worthy of the Canon name. $349 this March. Read More

  • Canon launches the Rebel T2i for $899

    If you just bought a Canon Rebel T1i, get thee to the camera store. The company just launched the T2i with 1080p video recording, an 18MP sensor, and 3-inch LCD. It also has a 63-point metering system and takes 3.7 fps continuous. The new model, called the 550D in Euro-land, doesn’t have an availability yet but, as is their wont, Canon sprung this so it could appear in time for the… Read More

  • Successor to Canon's T1i entry-level DSLR coming next week?

    Oh boy, I hope this is true. I’m shooting with an XSi, and it’s a great camera, but damn would I like to have me some movie-shooting ability. The T1i was a bad bet for that because it shot at 20FPS, which is ridiculous, but this new T2i allegedly has selectable frame rate modes. 1080p/24? Oh pleeeeeease! Read More

  • New Canons to have optical and electronic viewfinders?

    If Canon can pull this off, it’ll be a real coup. A recent patent shows a method for embedding an electronic image inside the viewfinder, while still retaining the pentaprism mechanism for bona-fide direct optical viewing. The layout they show is probably simplified and spaced out a bit for the sake of clarity, but the general idea is that you’d have the EVF above the optical… Read More

  • Canon's entry-level camcorders gain HD in the form of the HFR series

    CES is here, even though most of your friendly neighborhood CrunchGear writers are still in their respective home states. (We’ll be arriving in Las Vegas throughout the day today.) First up for me: new camcorders from Canon. Entry-level ones, too, so don’t feel intimidated. You’ve got the HFR11, the HFR10, and the HFR100. They’re basically souped up, HD versions of… Read More

  • Canon updates flagship HD camcorders with touchscreens (that's it)

    Canon is done with navigation nubs on its high-end camcorders. They have been replaced with fancy-pants touchscreens. (Hopefully the cams come with cleaning cloths!) But don’t fret if you just purchased Canon’ previous flagship HD cam. These three new models use the same image sensor as the previous models. It’s mainly the touchscreen that’s different. But they must be… Read More

  • Rumor: Canon to put a "3D" model between 5D and 1D

    Before we actually discuss the rumor, let me just say that having a product called 3D is misleading when it’s not actually 3D in any way but that it exists in a three-dimensional space. Really. People these days hear “3D” and they don’t think “Hmm, like the 5D?” — no, they think “OMG Avatar!” So keep that in mind, Canon. But as for the… Read More

  • The Canon 7D loves inclement weather, even at Antarctic levels

    More and more the 7D looks like the camera for me. Not that I go to Antarctica a lot, but when I do trek about, my camera comes with me rain or shine. My old 350D/Rebel XT survived quite a torrent in Kyoto, but I wouldn’t trust it or my newer Rebel XSi in a blizzard. Luckily, my job can be done from home; I don’t have to crawl on my belly through frozen mud and risk seal bites… Read More

  • Canon submits touchscreen DSLR patent – good idea, bad idea

    Touchscreens on cameras aren’t so much a bad idea as one that should be used in moderation. A nice slim Panasonic that doesn’t want to ruin its look with buttons should certainly have a touchscreen. But a DSLR? I don’t think it would work out, but Canon has apparently put enough thought into it that they’ve decided to file a patent. It’s nothing revolutionary… Read More

  • A 31-page 7D review for your consideration

    The always thorough DPReview has finally published its epic review of the Canon 7D. Their conclusion? Brilliant. While in the end your purchase probably will rely more on your investment into the Canon, Nikon, Pentax, or whatever ecosystem, the 7D performs incredibly well and should be considered among the very best available. Not much else to say except I wish I had two grand burning a hole… Read More

  • Canon 7D shots can carry over ghost image to next shot (fix imminent)

    Even cameras with mechanical shutters, it seems, aren’t immune to sensor carryover issues. It seems that when you’re doing that famous 8FPS continuous shooting, it’s possible under certain circumstances that a ghost image will be present in the next image shot. Canon says it’s “barely noticeable,” but someone must have noticed anyway because they’re… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Instant rebates on many Canon lenses

    It’s no fire sale, but Canon has some significant savings on many of their flagship lenses. If you or someone you know needs some sweet glass for Christmas (hint hint to people getting me presents), you can save a couple bills now, though there really isn’t any hurry. The rebates last until January, which makes this probably the longest sale of all time. It’s really only like… Read More

  • The new Canon 1D Mark IV can shoot incredible 1080p video and here's the proof

    The Canon 1D Mark IV is finally official, all 16MP, 1080p video shooting of it. The $5000 DSLR is packed with the very best of from Canon. In their usual fashion, DPReview has more info than you probably wanna know about the camera. Besides, you already know that it’s kick ass. But remember the dude that shot the first video with the 5D Mark II. Yeah, Canon hooked up with him to do a… Read More

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