Sony stays in the picture with premium Xperia camera features

For all of its consumer electronics prowess, mobile has always been a tough proposition for Sony . The Android market is overcrowded for one, and the company hasn’t really done all that much to set

Nikon restructuring causes casualties to bottom line, camera line and production line

Nikon's plan to restructure in the face of challenges to the digital imaging space has proven more costly than expected in more ways than one. A rough quarter means the company will not only miss prof

VAVA’s new dash cam lets you video while you voom

I usually don’t like to post Kickstarters unless I’ve seen the product firsthand but I also love dash cams. What was I to do? Luckily VAVA was able to supply a demo unit so I can report th

DJI acquires majority stake in Hasselblad, the iconic Swedish camera company

Last year DJI took a minority stake in Hasselblad, the iconic Swedish camera company. The companies also announced a partnership to work together on high-end camera drones that would combine DJI&#8217

Light’s multi-lens L16 camera gets wider aperture but longer wait

We're all curious to see whether Light's crazy 16-lens camera can live up to its own hype, but it looks like we'll have to wait just a little bit longer for the already-delayed gadget. On the bright s

Sony packs more power into its compact cameras with the RX100 V and a6500

Sony has a pair of new cameras for sale — though perhaps “new” isn’t the word, since they’re more like upgrades to existing devices. The price is upgraded, too. You’re

WTF is a mirrorless camera?

Digital cameras today tend to fall under one of two categories: SLR or mirrorless. What's the difference? Why does it matter? To find out, let's take a quick trip through the history of the medium. It

Leica’s new instant camera has a selfie mode

The Sofort is a strange duck. It’s a $300 instant camera by premium manufacturer Leica that looks a bit like a real world version of the Instagram logo. The price puts it well over Fujifilm’s offe

Every single part of this camera is 3D printed

We've seen 3D printed cameras before, but they always include some prefabricated part: a hinge, a spring, or more complicated bits like shutters and iris mechanisms. But designer Amos Dudley has done

Fujifilm debuts improved X-A3 mirrorless and fast, weather-proof 23mm lens

It's a good day for photographers who favor the Fujifilm system. The camera company announced an update to its X-A series mirrorless cameras and solid new lens today.

Sioeye Iris4G is an action camera with built-in cell service for live streaming

I get the chance to test out quite a bit of first-generation consumer gadgets. And while a few are great, the majority just aren't able to meet the high threshold of quality that Apple has (for better

Lightroom for iOS receives the gift of universal RAW support

Adobe's Lightroom is a widely used tool among photographers, but the mobile version has always been hampered by poor RAW support — until now. Previously limited to DNG files, Lightroom for iOS now h

Past, present and pending photography meet in Leica’s screenless M-D

Footloose and LCD-free — that's how Leica made the M-D. The new camera is actually old in several ways: It's essentially 2015's M packaged in the chassis of the limited, and also screenless, Leica 6

Review: Nikon’s D5500 lacks charm, but shoots fair photos

So is the new Nikon D5500 entry-level? After a few glances and general fooling around, I quickly realized the Nikon D5500 has many of the specs found in a better class of camera.

Lily, A Camera Drone That Automatically Follows You, Pulls In A Mountainous $34 Million In Pre-orders

Self-driving drone Lily has had quite the success in sales and it’s not even on the market yet. The startup pulled in a whopping $34 million in pre-orders by the end of 2015, with 60,000 units a

Drone Maker DJI Takes Minority Stake In Iconic Swedish Camera Company Hasselblad

On the heels of a $75 million investment from Accel, Chinese drone king DJI is putting some of its funding to use by making some investments of its own. The company this week announced that it would

Lytro Introduces ‘Immerge’ For Cinematic Virtual Reality

Camera maker Lytro is hopping into virtual reality. Today, it announced a product called “Immerge” which the company describes as “world’s first professional light field soluti

Sony RX-100 Mark III Review: The Best Compact Camera Gets A Lot Better

Sony built the best compact camera in the world with the original RX-100 – now it’s on the third-generation, and it isn’t resting on its laurels. The latest edition has a pop-up electron

The NewViewWear Wearable Camera Hides In Your Shirt

Elvis Costello once sang of watching detectives, an act that, to most of us, has been difficult. Now with the always-on, always-recording <a target="_blank" href="

Conan Goes Extreme With His GoPro Cameras

In honor of CES and just because, here's a cute video for you. It's not quite <em>Citizen Kane</em> but in this exciting video Conan O'Brien attaches <a href="">Go
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