Oh great, just what we need: eau de caffeine

Of all the dumb pitches that crossed my desk today, this one might just take the dewy-eyed prize for “oh good heavens, this is an awful idea.” Pzaz (presumably pronounced “pizazz&#82

Caffeine inks exclusive agreement with Drake preps Ultimate Rap League for launch

Two years after getting a $100 million commitment from 21st Century Fox to build a mobile-based live streaming platform that could compete with Twitch, the startup Caffeine has scored another coup by

Caffeine signs streaming deal with rapper Offset

Caffeine, the live streaming service founded by former Apple designers Ben Keighran and Sam Roberts, has signed an exclusive streaming deal with Offset. The startup has been relatively quiet since rai

Ex-Apple execs take on Twitch with launch of new social broadcasting platform Caffeine

A team of ex-Apple engineers and execs is taking on Amazon-owned Twitch and Google’s YouTube Gaming with today’s official launch of a new social broadcasting platform, Caffeine. Backed by

Caffeine: Google Finally Brews Its New Pot Of Web Results — 50% Fresher

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-187727" title="c" src="" alt="" />In August of last year, <a href="

Finally: Time-release caffeine capsules

<img src="" alt="capsules" />If you find that the arduous task of keeping yourself sufficiently caffeinated all

Nixie Tubes: Like Pixy Stix with caffeine

<img src="" />While Pixy Stix may have gotten you all hopped up as a child, you'll need something a bit stronger in

Be careful with those energy drinks, coders: May encourage 'risky' behavior!

Might want to find something other than Red Bull or Cocaine for those up-all-night coding sessions, fellers. It seems they may not be too healthy for you, and they may encourage “risky” be

Snickers + Caffeine + Taurine = recipe for success

Man oh man, do I miss Snickers. When I worked in an office, I used to eat one (and only one) each day. Yum. Now that there’s going to be a Snickers bar infused with caffeine, taurine, and B vita

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

I never thought I’d see the day that I stopped throwing down $2 (minimum) for a strong cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. Now, I throw down $8 for an entire bag of beans and have my coffee