Finally: Time-release caffeine capsules

capsulesIf you find that the arduous task of keeping yourself sufficiently caffeinated all day long has gotten to be too much for you to handle, help is in sight. ThinkGeek is now selling “Time Release Caffeine Capsules” — each of which slowly dole out 200 milligrams of caffeine over the course of an eight hour day.

With the average cup of coffee containing about 80 milligrams, the time-release capsules flood your bloodstream with the equivalent of 2.5 cups so, clearly, you’ll want to take 8 to 10 capsules at a time, am I right? AM I RIGHT?!!!

AM I F&%@ING RIGHT?!!!! ANSWER ME!!! Man, my heart is racing. Everything’s moving in slow motion! I can see Juan Valdez — he looks glorious!

You get 12 capsules per package and each package costs $8.99 plus shipping. So pick these up along with the Nixie Tubes, and you’re all set to buzz around like a hummingbird.

Time Release Caffeine Capsules [ThinkGeek]