Tumblr says it’s fixed a security bug, but says ‘no evidence’ any user data was exposed

Tumblr has disclosed a security vulnerability on its site that in some cases could have exposed account information. The bug was found in the part of the site that recommends other Tumblr blogs to use

Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry

In a world where nothing can be trusted and fake news abounds, ICO and crypto teams are further muddying the waters by trying – and often failing – to pay for posts. While bribes for blogs

The end of oversharing

The early 2000s were the era of user-generated content. Companies like Associated Content and Shareasale rewarded content producers richly – one friend of mine made millions on YouTube in 2004 b

Google starts highlighting fact-checks in News

Today Google added a new “fact-check” tag to its popular Google News service. The site aggregates popular timely news from multiple sources and has traditionally grouped them with tags li

New .blog TLD opens up early registration applications

One of the few new top-level domains that actually makes sense, .blog, is starting the process of registration. Automattic, which runs Wordpress and a number of other useful web apps, owns .blog and i

Tronc off

John Biggs Contributor John Biggs is the CEO of payments company Freemit and a former TechCrunch writer. More posts by this contributor Researchers discover a new way to identify 3D printed guns Virtu

Google enables HTTPS for all Blogspot sites

Google today made HTTPS connections the default for all of the sites on its Blogspot domain. Google first enabled HTTPS for Blogspot last September, but at the time, it was an opt-in feature. Starti

Google Brings HTTPS Support To Blogspot

Over the last few years, Google brought support for encrypted HTTPS connections to almost all of its products, including search, Gmail and Google Drive. It's now even using HTTPS support as a ranking

Study: Free Stuff Won’t Convince Bloggers To Write About Your Startup

Once upon a time a startup sent me a full gasoline can full of coffee beans. These beans, once infused by the malodorous fumes of the plastic container, were useless. The can, which was fairly small,

Refinery29 Raises $20 Million From Stripes To Build Out Mobile, Branded Content

Refinery29 had a good year in 2012, becoming one of the fastest growing media companies in America and doing $16.6 in revenue in its mission to capture the attention of the millennial woman. The women

Automattic Acquires File-Sharing Service Cloudup To Build A Faster Media Library And Enable Co-Editing

<a target="_blank" href="">Automattic</a>, the parent company of, has acquired <a href="

Into the Gloss, An Editorial Beauty Site, Raises $2M To Build Its Team

<a target="_blank" href="">Into The Gloss</a>, an editorial beauty website based out of New York, has raised $2 million in venture capital funding led by Forerunner and Lerer V

JustMigrate Launches To Move Posterous Blogs To Tumblr Just As Posterous Announces Imminent End

Just in time for Posterous’ closure on April 30th, a service has launched to bring Posterous blogs over to rival service, Tumblr. JustMigrate was announced the same day that Posterous unceremoni

After Going Dark For The Second Time In Two Weeks, Tumblr Is Gradually Coming Back Online

<a href="">We reported earlier this evening</a> that pop

Checkthis Updates Its Social Posters: Share Visually Compelling Content Without Setting Up A Blog

<a target="_blank" href="">Checkthis</a> received a major update today, making it more than ever a visual complement to the text-only updates on social networks. The service enabl

GoodBlogs Allows Companies To Effortlessly Maintain A Blog About Their Industry To Drive Traffic

When it comes to maintaining a corporate blog, you may consider writing general thoughts on your industry and talking about more subjects rather than using it solely for your company's announcements.

Tumblr Runs Into “Networking Issue” That Affects Subset Of Custom Domain Blogs (UPDATED)

If you use Tumblr to host a blog with a custom domain name, you might notice that it's not functioning properly. That's apparently the case for companies like Airtime, Pinterest and Path, as I've come

New spongy material instantly hardens on exposure to magnetism

<img src="" /> A new kind of material (of which currently no actual picture exists anywhere) with the consistency of pudding that h

Kimengi takes on Zemanta with its content recommendation engine

Kimengi is a new Dutch startup providing ”related-content” to bloggers and publishers via a recommendation widget called “f>>dforward” (feed forward). Once installed, the widget

Meet Midori-san, the world's first blogging plant

The Japanese are perhaps the most active people in the world when it comes to blogging and reading blogs so it’s not really surprising to see the world’s first blogging plant (a Sweetheart
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