New .blog TLD opens up early registration applications

One of the few new top-level domains that actually makes sense, .blog, is starting the process of registration. Automattic, which runs and a number of other useful web apps, owns .blog and is handling applications at

The company isn’t deviating from the usual methods: a “sunrise” period began a few days ago during which people with trademarks can make early domain requests.,,, that sort of thing.


It’ll cost you $250 all told to apply now: $220 for the early bid and $30 yearly for the domain itself. If multiple people want the same domain, they take it to the Octagon. (Or just have an auction.)

On November 2, the “landrush” period starts — that’s when generic words and names go up for registration. As with any TLD, there will be some “premium pricing for higher-value names,” so don’t think you’re going to get for pocket change and flip it for millions to Petco.

The rest of us peasants get to put .blog on the end of our names, hobbies, and yoga studios come November 21.