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  • Biz Stone Introduces His Jelly Co-Founder And CTO, Fluther’s Ben Finkel

    Biz Stone Introduces His Jelly Co-Founder And CTO, Fluther’s Ben Finkel

    As we reported a few weeks ago, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is up to something new, and it’s called Jelly. Not much is known about it other than it’s a mobile-focused project. Stone shared a little bit more about the project today, introducing Ben Finkel as his co-founder. The two have something in common, time spent at Twitter, as Finkel was a co-founder of Fluther, a social… Read More

  • Biz Stone’s New Startup Jelly Sounds Like A Home For Do-Gooders On The Go

    Biz Stone’s New Startup Jelly Sounds Like A Home For Do-Gooders On The Go

    AllThingsD reported last week that Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was working on a new mobile startup called “Jelly.” Today, a company blog post has emerged that gives us a few more details as to what Jelly might focus on, but it’s still hazy on details. In the post, Biz Stone, who is co-founder and CEO of Jelly Industries, Inc., says it will be for “everybody,”… Read More

  • Biz Stone Joins Early Twitter Investor Spark Capital As Strategic Advisor

    Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is joining Spark Capital (which was an early investor in Twitter) as a strategic advisor, according to Spark Capital partner Bijan Sabet. Sabet writes that In this role, Biz will help us think through and evaluate new investment opportunities. Additionally he will provide us with valuable insight about our current portfolio companies as well. Sabet actually led… Read More

  • Biz Stone Steps Back From Twitter To Relaunch Obvious With Ev Williams And Jason Goldman

    Biz Stone Steps Back From Twitter To Relaunch Obvious With Ev Williams And Jason Goldman

    Twitter co-founder Biz Stone took some time to blog today a bit about his past. He goes back to Xanga, then Blogger/Google, then (though not directly mentioned) Odeo. He talks about how after they failed to sell Odeo, Evan Williams created Obvious, a parent company with the purpose of buying back Odeo from its investors. Around this time, Jason Goldman, another previous Blogger/Google guy… Read More

  • Twitter's Phantom Punch

    Twitter's Phantom Punch

    Yesterday, the story on everyone’s mind in the tech world was the turmoil at Twitter. Led by the Fortune cover story written by Jessi Hempel, if you read it, you might think the sky is falling on Chicken Little. Not surprisingly, Twitter responded — sort of. Though it wasn’t an “official” response, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone put up a post on his personal blog… Read More

  • Finally! Twitter-Tax Story Explained in Cartoon Form

    Just the antidote for a restless Friday morning: A cartoon rendering of the Twitter-tax controversy complete with a groggy Biz Stone masquerading as Twitter’s CEO, the role of Zynga played by a frontiersman, and a cartoony but pretty realistic view of the Tenderloin. Video on the jump. Read More

  • Biz Stone On Conan: Twitter, No Longer The 'Seinfeld' Of The Internet

    Twitter co-founder Biz Stone visited the CONAN show last night to celebrate the service’s much balyhooed fifth birthday. Conan O’Brien, who found great success on Twitter himself as @conanobrien, began the conversation by referring to the site’s early days, reminding Stone that the now-lauded company was once severely criticized about its apparent uselessness. Stone… Read More

  • Evan Williams, Master of the Privacy Game

    Evan Williams, Master of the Privacy Game

    I’m not talking about the privacy of Twitter’s millions of users- who they follow, what they retweet and the inner-sanctum of their DMs. I’m talking about the privacy of Evan Williams– one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the Web 2.0 era, yet one who doesn’t have Gawker photographers come to his house, doesn’t have snarky movies made about him and… Read More

  • Trazzler Gets $1 Million From Star Investors, Takes a Page From Twitter’s Playbook [Video]

    At first glance, Trazzler— a travel site that focuses on unique, local destinations— doesn’t seem like an obvious bet. With a handful of employees sprinkled across Florida, California, and Spain, it’s a small startup that operates in a highly competitive market. Its co-founder, Adam Rugel is well aware that it will never be able to match the huge archives of… Read More

  • Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Joins Tokyo-Based Digital Garage's Advisory Board

    It seems Twitter is poised to go into overdrive in Japan, the world’s third largest Internet nation. Yesterday, we reported that major mobile carrier SoftBank Mobile collaborates with Twitter to bring cell phones with Twitter pre-installed to Japanese customers. And today, Digital Garage (the company’s partner in Japan since 2008) announced [JP, PDF] Twitter’s co-founder… Read More

  • Twitter Brings Search On Site To All

    For the past several weeks, plenty of my friends have had the new Twitter interface featuring both Search and Trending Topics on the main page, but I had yet to see it. Today, I log in to see that I’m finally special enough to get it as well — only to learn that it’s now officially been rolled out to everyone. Say hello to the new, it’s a lot like the old… Read More