Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is finally coming to the U.S. — but only as a preview

Samsung’s much-touted, but mostly absent, smart assistant continues to amble its way to the U.S. After a big false start during the Galaxy S8’s launch, Bixby Voice is finally making its states

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Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet Trends Report is released, Elon Musk draws his line with Trump, Nest's newest smart camera, Nest Cam IQ, is released and Samsung's Bixby personal assistant is reportedly ru

Samsung’s elusive Bixby voice assistant is reportedly still weeks away from launching

In the battle of the voice assistants, one entrant still appears to be staying rather quiet. Samsung's Bixby voice assistant was initially supposed to launch alongside the company's Galaxy S8 smartph

Smart assistants are the new Android skins — everyone is building one and most are still pretty useless

In the early days of Android, skins were the norm. Manufacturers looked to set themselves apart from competitors with custom design languages at proprietary apps, to the point where many actually slow

A disappointing debut for Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby

Last week Samsung announced that the Galaxy S8 would ship without Bixby Voice control. It seems unlikely that little bombshell will dissuade anyone from buying the new flagship. It is, after all, a gr

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s beautiful hardware deserves a more unified software experience

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a strange beast. All at once it seems like both the culmination of several generations’ worth of solid smartphone evolution, while feeling like a still-incomplete peek at th

Samsung’s Bixby lays the groundwork for the company’s smart home play

The Galaxy S8’s main selling point still isn’t fully formed. Announced the week leading up to today’s main event, Bixby is as much a key building block for the company moving forward as is the s

Everything we think we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Next week in New York, Samsung will finally reveal the Galaxy S8. The handset has a lot riding on it -- not simply because it’s a brand-defining flagship or because it’s seemingly been pushed back

Bixby is Samsung’s new ‘intelligent interface’ for smartphones and beyond

Samsung is entering the voice-powered virtual assistant game a bit later than its competitors, but it says that its forthcoming “Bixby” agent will be “fundamentally different”