Google apps are coming to Bixby

Bixby took centerstage at today’s big Samsung CES presser. The company has been pushing to make its smart assistant a kind of connective tissue across devices, and the the fruits of that labor may finally be taking shape this year.

Third-party partners have been a long promised addition, and the company just announced a pretty big one.  Sure Google’s pushing its own assistant, but the company will also be bringing some of its top apps to Bixby. The list includes Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Play.

The news follows today’s earlier announcement that Samsung TVs will be compatible with Google Assistant by way of Google Home and other other smart speakers/screens. This move, meanwhile, should offer a bit more legitimacy to a smart assistant that stumbled out of the gate and ultimately had some trouble picking up speed.

Details about the timing and other implementation have yet to be announced. 

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