GoDaddy launches AWS-style servers and apps to build, test and scale cloud services

GoDaddy, the web hosting and domain registration company that went public last year, is adding new cloud services to grow the revenues it makes from the 14 million small businesses that make up t

Bitnami’s New Stacksmith Service Makes It Easier For Developer To Build Custom App Containers

Bitnami is probably best known for making it easy to deploy web apps, services and development environments with just a few clicks. As developers start moving to containers, Bitnami, too, has to chang

DigitalOcean Teams Up With Bitnami, Now Lets You Install Over 100 Web Apps With A Few Clicks

DigitalOcean has made a name for itself as a hosting service that focuses on simplicity. Now, the company is making it easier to install complex applications on its service with the help of Bitnami.

Google Cloud Launcher Lets Developers Quickly Deploy Over 120 Popular Open-Source Packages

Google is launching a new feature for its Cloud Platform today that makes it easier for developers to deploy over 120 popular open-source applications to its Cloud Platform. In total, Google and Bitna

BitNami Launches MongoDB Stack To Develop Apps As Demand Scales For AWS-Based Services

<a target="_blank" href="">BitNami </a>has added a<a> MongoDB</a> stack for developers to build web apps on the popular NoSQL database. The stack, available next week, allows develo

Salesforce Is A Platform Company. Period.

You can bet what would have happened if had not focused on becoming more of a platform company than a CRM provider. It would have faced a market with more modern CRM vendors, putting it

Y Combinator Company BitNami Makes Deeper Move On Booming App Store Market

<a target="_blank" href="">BitNami</a>, a Y Combinator company, has announced that it will focus more on being an app store for server software. The goal is to provide customers wit