DigitalOcean Teams Up With Bitnami, Now Lets You Install Over 100 Web Apps With A Few Clicks

DigitalOcean has made a name for itself as a hosting service that focuses on simplicity. Now, the company is making it easier to install complex applications on its service with the help of Bitnami.

DigitalOcean users get two free months of Bitname access. Support applications include everything from basic WordPress, Ghost and Drupal installs to more complex services like GitLab for version control, Elasticsearch and SugarCRM.

1Over time, DigitalOcean added about 25 applications and stacks to its own application directory (think applications like WordPress, Drupal, MongoDB, Docker, and LAMP and LEMP stacks). Because the company experienced such rapid growth in its early days, it mostly focused its engineering resources on scaling the service and most of the actual product development remained somewhat on the back burner during that time. Because of this, its application catalog always remained a bit rudimentary (though it continues to grow at a low but steady pace).

“Bitnami is the simplest application launchpad on the market,” said Mitch Wainer, CMO and Co-Founder of DigitalOcean in a statement today. “With our simplified cloud infrastructure underneath we’re removing a lot of unnecessary complexity, making it easier for software developers to get up and running.”

A company spokesperson also told me that while there is some overlap between DigitalOcean’s library and Bitnami’s, “the Bitnami library is quite robust, offering developers an even greater range of options.”