Google Cloud Launcher Lets Developers Quickly Deploy Over 120 Popular Open-Source Packages

Google and Bitnami are launching a new feature for Google’s Cloud Platform today that makes it easier for developers to deploy over 120 popular open-source applications to its Cloud Platform. In total, Google and Bitnami have packed up over 120 applications, including the likes of WordPress, Drupal, Redis, MongoDB, Gitlab and Django, as well as infrastructure stacks for Ruby, LAMP apps, Puppet and others.

As Google argues, setting up a VM-based solution often means you have to spend quite a bit of time configuring the different components of your service. Using Cloud Launcher, developers simply pick the application or service they want to run and everything is up and running after a few clicks.

“Developers should spend most of their time on design and writing code,” Google product manager Varun Talwar writes in today’s announcement. “Time spent finding and deploying libraries, fixing dependencies, resolving versioning issues and configuring tooling is time away from that work.”

As Google notes in today’s announcement, the team is also working to integrate many of these packages with the company’s Cloud Monitoring service.

It’s worth noting that Google already offered a somewhat similar “click-to-deploy” service for a set of popular applications like Casandra and MongoDB databases, Drupal, Joomla and various development stacks. As far as I can see, this new service now combines this existing feature with the packages from Bitnami.