Watch Shimon the marimba-playing robot play along to jazz, reggae, and hip hop

Shimon is a marbima-playing robot with some real soul. This crazy little robot, created by Gil Weinberg at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, can listen to the other players around it and p

The next big restaurant chain may not own any kitchens

If investors at some of the biggest technology companies are right, the next big restaurant chain could have no kitchens of its own. These venture capitalists think the same forces that have transform

Delta to start scanning faces at airport check-in

Delta will later this year roll out facial recognition at its terminal at Atlanta International Airport for anyone traveling on an international flight. The airline said the biometric facial scanning

GreyOrange raises $140M to develop fully-automated robotics for warehouses

GreyOrange, a Singapore-headquartered firm that develops robots for warehouses, has pulled in a $140 million Series C funding round as it targets more expansion and growth. The company was started in

The damage from Atlanta’s huge cyberattack is even worse than the city first thought

More than two months after a cyberattack hobbled many of its critical municipal systems, the city of Atlanta is still sorting through the wreckage of what is likely the worst cyberattack targeting a U

A simple solution to end the encryption debate

Criminals and terrorists, like millions of others, rely on smartphone encryption to protect the information on their mobile devices. But unlike most of us, the data on their phones could endanger live

Update: Bird buys more scooters

Note: This story has been updated to indicate that the deal is worth tens of millions not hundreds of millions and includes comment from other manufacturers. It seems like all is fair in love and scoo

Here are the top states and cities for startups in the South

Jason Rowley Contributor Jason Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter for Crunchbase News. More posts by this contributor International growth, primarily in China, fuels the VC market tod

Waymo and Google launch a self-driving truck pilot in Atlanta

Waymo’s autonomous trucking program is coming along – though we haven’t heard much about it since discovering it was a real thing last year, Waymo today announced that it’s launchi

Waymo heads to Atlanta to test its self-driving cars

Waymo continues to expand the pool of locations where it's testing its autonomous vehicle tech, and the latest destination is metro Atlanta. The former Google self-driving car company revealed the new

Atlanta, This Is Your Last Chance To Buy Tickets To The Meetup Tonight

Dear Hotlanta (which happens to be freezing right now), I write to you from a hotel room off of the highway, with but a few short hours until I head over to Prive to host the TC Meetup + Pitch-off. I

Ludacris Partners With Delivery App Roadie And Joins The Flood Of Entertainers Getting Into Startups

Roadie, the Atlanta-based shipping marketplace that's angling to tap drivers already on the road to deliver packages, is adding some star wattage to its team with the announcement that music star Luda

The LightFreq Square2 Lets You Rock Out With Your Lights On

Your speaker is in my lightbulb! No, your lightbulb is in my speaker! Thanks to the new LightFreq Square2, we’re both right. The Square2 is a lightbulb with built-in speaker and intercom. To use

That’s A Wrap On The Atlanta And Boston TC Meetups!

This week, TechCrunch had its world rocked by two very special cities on the East Coast. First we hit up Atlanta, where we felt true Southern Hospitality as ten startups pitched a packed audience

TechCrunch Pitch-Offs Are Coming To Atlanta And Boston, Apply Now!

And so the countdown begins. We're nearly a month away from the TechCrunch Pitch-Offs in <a href="">Atlanta (February 24)</a

Relive The Magic Of The ATL Meetup + Pitch-Off

Oh, what a night! For the second time in as many years, TechCrunch hit the streets of Atlanta to find some of the best and brightest startups the south has to offer.

Local Delivery Service Kanga Raises $1 Million Seed Round

Atlanta-based Kanga has raised $1 million to create a new local delivery service that uses a crowdsourced approach to getting items from point A to point B.

Atlanta Startups, Apply For The February 18 Meetup Here

We’re headed back to Atlanta and want to see the area’s best undiscovered startups to pitch on our stage. On February 18, John Biggs, Jordan Crook and myself are hitting ATL and hosting a

Calling All Hardware Startups In Atlanta, New Orleans, And Charleston

Hello, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Charleston. We'd like to meet you. After you guys shovel out your unenclosed garages and de ice your homes, please drop us a line so we can see what amazing hardware y

Koopedia Aims To Ditch The Greed In Daily Deals

Koopedia, which sounds like an early edition of the Mario Brother's Encyclopedia, is actually a daily deals site with a twist. Business owners, instead of entering into a draconian deal with the site,
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