Arm’s gains are SoftBank’s gains

Not so long ago, things were looking bleak for SoftBank, the investment holding company headed by eclectic — and controversial — tech mogul Masayoshi Son. The Vision Fund, SoftBank’s

The cloud stock rally could help inch open the IPO window in 2024

A critical cohort of tech firms has regained the value it lost after the summer rally, setting the stage for a stronger IPO cycle in early 2024.

Is Instacart’s new IPO price range justified?

In its S-1, Instacart describes itself as a "grocery technology company." But does that warrant a tech valuation?

Arm after the IPO

“The growth of AI, I believe, is the growth of Arm,” Arm EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Will Abbey told me this morning, minutes before the chip designer’s stock started trading on

Could Arm be worth more than $51B?

Would Arm be able to wrangle a price-sales and price-earnings premium to Intel and TSMC? We think so.

Arm’s IPO targets $51B valuation, won’t resurrect private-market liquidity

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello, and welcome back to Equity, the podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Our Monday

Arm’s latest IPO filing eyes potential $52B valuation

Arm this morning submitted an update to its SEC IPO filing proposing a $47 to $51 share pricing. The high end would put the British chip maker’s valuation north of $52 billion. The firm has seen a b

This veteran VC doesn’t think Arm’s IPO will have the impact that everyone is hoping it will

The startup industry has been whistling a happy tune since the British chip designer Arm filed paperwork with the SEC late last month for an IPO. The growing expectation is that the hotly anticipated

Chip company Arm files for Nasdaq listing in IPO anticipated to be this year’s biggest

Arm, the U.K.-based chipmaker owned by Japan’s SoftBank since 2016, has filed for a Nasdaq listing five months after announcing it had filed confidential, preliminary IPO paperwork with U.S. regulat

Arm launches new chip designs for faster smartphone performance during Computex

Just ahead of CEO Rene Haas’ keynote at Computex in Taipei today, Arm launched two new products designed to increase smartphone performance. The first is the Arm Cortex-X4, its fourth-generation Cor

Ampere launches a new cloud native processor family with its first custom-designed cores

Over the course of the last few years, thanks to its Altra and Altra Max processors, Ampere made a name for itself as one of the premier suppliers of Arm-based chips to large cloud services providers.

The rise and changing role of chief product officers

Report predicts that 70% of chief product officers will have P&L ownership by 2028.

The ice-breaking IPO we’ve waited for might not come from the US after all

The American tech IPO market is in need of a champion to brave the unknown, and if ARM's offering performs well, it could encourage other companies to go public, too.

We’d give an arm and a leg for an ARM IPO filing

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Are Arm and Ant Group’s derailed exits back on track?

Once an exit gets off the rails, and under current market conditions, it is just not easy to get back on track.

Microsoft launches Arm-based Azure VMs powered by Ampere chips

Following a preview in April, Microsoft this morning announced the general availability of virtual machines (VMs) on Azure featuring the Ampere Altra, a processor based on the Arm architecture. The fi

Microsoft brings support for Arm-based AI chips to Windows

Today at Build 2022, Microsoft unveiled Project Volterra, a device powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform that’s designed to let developers explore “AI scenarios” via Qualco

Nvidia calls off its efforts to acquire Arm

Nvidia’s deal to acquire Arm is off, the two companies and Arm owner SoftBank announced Tuesday. With this, there is also a major leadership change at Arm. The company’s current CEO, Simon

Daily Crunch: Google dumps FloC plan, proposes new Topics API for ad targeting

Today our cup overflows with news. There’s simply too much going on to cover in a single newsletter, so I’ve tried to fit in as much as possible.

If the $40B Nvidia-Arm deal is dead, what does it mean to big tech M&A?

News reports surfaced over the past 24 hours that the $40 billion Nvidia-Arm deal, which ranks among the most expensive tech deals ever, is in peril. Nvidia is reportedly ready to walk away due to reg
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