Apple Fall Event 2016

Hands-on with Apple’s new Touch Bar MacBook Pro

At first glance, it looks an awful lot like the same MacBook Pro we’ve become accustomed to seeing over the last several years. The TrackPad is the first indication that something’s different here

The 13-inch MacBook Air model is still alive

Surprise, the MacBook Air is still alive! The new MacBook Air is Apple’s new cheap laptop. While everybody thought the 12-inch Retina MacBook was going to replace the MacBook Air, it’s not goi

Apple TV App Store has 8,000 apps, 2,000 of which are games

At the Apple press conference this afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a brief update on the state of the Apple TV app ecosystem. Today, the app store has grown to include 8,000 apps, the exec said, 2,

Here’s what you can do with the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro

Apple just unveiled the new MacBook Pro. “It is the new gold standard in notebook computers,” Apple’s SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller said. And, in particular, Apple replaced the func

The new MacBook Pro is here

Oh MacBook Pro, how we’ve missed you. It’s been four long years since Apple issued the last major overhaul to its high-end laptop line. Four years of waiting for some big announcement from the com

Minecraft comes to Apple TV

Minecraft, having already come to just about every other platform, is now on Apple TV, or will be soon at any rate. Well, that's pretty much the news!

Apple: 400M ‘Memories’ have been viewed on the iPhone, 60% of users are on iOS 10

Today the focus of Apple’s event in Cupertino are new Macs and big updates to other non-iPhone products, like Apple TV. But the company also used the moment as a coda to yesterday’s ear

Where to watch the live stream for today’s Apple MacBook Pro press conference

Apple is holding a press conference today on its campus in Cupertino, and the company is expected to unveil the new MacBook Pro (yes, the one with the insane mini display above the keyboard that alrea

Live from Apple’s New MacBook Pro Announcement

We’re live at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, where the company is prepping to announce something new. What might that something be? This is where we might normally say we’re not too

This is the new MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar mini display

Apple has leaked its own big announcement with two hidden images of its upcoming MacBook Pro in the macOS Sierra 12.1 update. MacRumors first noticed the images in the system files. Meet the new MacBo

New MacBook Pro OLED mini screen could be called the Magic Toolbar

Hints are starting to appear about Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro. The most striking difference with the existing model could be a second OLED mini display that would replace the function row on the