Apple TV App Store has 8,000 apps, 2,000 of which are games

At the Apple press conference this afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a brief update on the state of the Apple TV app ecosystem. Today, the app store has grown to include 8,000 apps, the exec said, 2,000 of which are games. A year ago, the store had just 1,000 apps, which indicates steady if not remarkable growth for the Apple TV app store, as well as developer interest in creating games for the living room device.

However, 8,000 apps is nowhere near the size of the iOS ecosystem which has more than 2 million apps and sees 100,000 new and updated apps submitted weekly.

To some extent that can be attributed to the fact that, outside of games, using apps on Apple TV tends to be a more passive experience. It’s a place where you consume content, like photos and videos and streaming TV, for example.

In terms of video, Cook also noted later at the event that Apple TV now has 1,600 apps from video content providers, ahead of the debut of the new TV app for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.

In addition, Cook said there would be one high-profile app coming to Apple TV in the near future: Minecraft. The game will arrive on the platform by year-end.