Battery swapping is great for EV fleets, but can it work for consumers?

Battery swapping could usher in freedom for a wide range of people, allowing them to participate in the EV transition in ways that traditional built-in batteries don't.

Ample to bring EV battery swapping to Mitsubishi trucks in Japan

San Francisco startup Ample is bringing its modular electric vehicle battery swapping technology to Mitsubishi Fuso’s electric trucks this winter, the company said Tuesday. This marks the first

Ample’s co-founder explains what it takes to scale EV battery swapping

De Souza discusses the implications of China’s investments in battery swapping, challenges in scaling fast-charging infrastructure and more.

Ample’s John de Souza on the merits of B2B, company culture and investors who get it

Ample co-founder John de Souza shared the merits of a B2B GTM strategy, how to create a fun and functional company culture and what it takes to go after the idea most people say won't work.

Ample raises $30M to take battery swapping business to Europe

Ample, a startup developing battery swapping technology for electric vehicles, has scored another $30 million from The Blackstone Group and Spanish multinational financial services company Banco Santa

Ample raises $160M to scale its battery swapping service

Instead of an EV battery being something that needs to be recharged, like an iPhone, Ample wants to turn them into things that can be swapped out, like batteries in a digital camera.

EV battery swapping startup Ample charges up operations in Japan, NYC

EV battery swapping startup Ample has locked in two partnerships this month that will help fuel an expansion into Japan and New York City after years of working on the technology. The startup, which w

From the ashes of nearly a billion dollars, Ample resurrects Better Place’s battery swapping business model

A little over 13 years ago, Shai Agassi, a promising software executive who was in line to succeed the chief executive at SAP, then one of the world’s mightiest software companies, left the comp