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The Echo Spot is the best Echo

The message of today’s big Amazon event was pretty clear: Echos for everyone, for every need in every room of every home. The company clearly has no desire to create one device to rule them all. Ins

Amazon launched a million things today but all I want is a new Kindle

Amazon launched so much new stuff today that I can't even remember what they all are (there might've been a fish in there, even), but there was a glaring omission in the slate of reveals: The Kindle.

Amazon upgrades Fire TV’s ‘hands-free’ TV experience, powered by Alexa

Along with Amazon’s numerous Echo-related announcements today regarding new devices, the company also said it would soon be extending and improving its hands-free TV viewing experience to a rang

Here’s why Amazon made those weird Echo Buttons

In a day full of Echo announcements, the Echo Button was a clear standout. Not because it was a better or more useful product than the rest, but because it's just damn weird. Where most of what the co

Apple’s HomePod is set to have some weird competition

Today, Amazon threw a lot of darts at the smart speaker board with new product offerings that are seeking to explore what smart speakers can even do. A report also emerged today from 9to5Google that G

The brilliance of Amazon’s Echo sh*tshow

Whether you call it fragmentation or flexibility, there are now seven Amazon Echo devices from which to choose. Today Amazon launched a slew of new smart home devices, so there's one for every conceiv

Amazon just launched 6 new gadgets and none was over $150

In the year of the $1000 iPhone Amazon just announced a scattering of new gadgets and none cost more than $150. Essentially, Amazon said “screws the margins” and are selling everything as

Amazon’s brightest new innovation might just be the smart home bundle

Amazon went above and beyond today in terms of launching stuff – it debuted not one, not two, but six brand new devices at an event held at its HQ. One of the most interesting things it did today wa

Comparing all 8 Amazon Echos

Which Amazon Echo is right for you? The new Echo 2, Plus, Spot, Connect and Buttons, or the existing Dot, Show or Look? This handy chart lets you compare the functionality and pricing of Amazon&#8217

Here’s everything Amazon announced today

Amazon held an event in Seattle today, and the announcements were non-stop. From a new high-end Echo to talking fish, they had all sorts of stuff to show. Don’t have time to catch up on all of it

Amazon doubles down on its own Echo hardware, even as it increasingly relies on third parties

The biggest surprise of today’s secret Amazon event in Seattle was the sheer breadth of Echo-related announcements. Over the past several months, it’s seemed as if Amazon the company was moving mo

Amazon takes on the smart alarm clock with the $130 Echo Spot

Many have tried and failed to bring the world a smart alarm clock (remember Chumby?), but no one has been better positioned than Amazon to deliver on the promise. In essence, the product is a tiny Ech

This is Amazon’s new $70 Fire TV with 4K and HDR support

If you were starting to feel like it’d been a while since Amazon upgraded the Fire TV (the company’s answer to things like the Chromecast and Apple TV), you wouldn’t be wrong. The last big upgra

Amazon introduces Echo Buttons for at-home trivia games using Alexa

Along with the new Echo and a bunch of added Alexa functionality, Amazon showed off a fun new piece of hardware at today’s event: Echo Buttons. Available at $19 for a two pack, the new products are

Amazon’s Echo Plus features a built-in smart home hub for $149

Sure, the new $99 Echo is a more premium (if lower cost) version of Amazon’s wildly popular home assistant. But Amazon had another big surprise up its sleeve. The Echo Plus features all of the n

This $35 add-on will let Amazon Echos place phone calls

The Amazon Echo Connect will connect Echo devices to landline phones. Yes, a landline because safety. The thought is with this add-on Echo owners will be able to dial telephone numbers, like 911 or Pi

Amazon’s Alexa will now sing through a talking fish

Amazon’s virtual voice assistant Alexa can go virtually anywhere thanks to Amazon’s Gadgets API, but her next destination is still kind of surprising: It’ll (sort of) end up in Big M

BMW to bring Alexa to its cars starting in 2018

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant will be your cockpit companion in future BMWs: The automaker will offer Alexa in select cars starting in 2018, Amazon announced today at a special event revealing

Amazon announces a high-end $99 Echo to compete with Apple’s HomePod

Today’s the big day at Amazon headquarters in Seattle. The company promised a day of big announcements, kicking things off with the announcement of a high-end Echo, a long-awaited replacement for th