This $35 add-on will let Amazon Echos place phone calls

The Amazon Echo Connect will connect Echo devices to landline phones. Yes, a landline because safety.

The thought is with this add-on Echo owners will be able to dial telephone numbers, like 911 or Pizza Hut or Mom, by just using their voice. To do this, the device connects to a home phone system through RJ-11 jacks. It uses the line’s existing phone service to handle the dialing.

This is clearly a way for Amazon to position the Echo as part of a safe home environment. Instead of having a costly, dedicated device to call for help — say if a person injures themselves — Echos could be used instead and set to dial 911 or home care service.

This device is separate from the voice service Amazon rolled out to the devices several months ago that allows users to place VoIP calls to other echo devices or cell phones.

The Echo Connect is available for pre-order today for $35 and will ship later this year.