Amazon’s Alexa will now sing through a talking fish

Amazon’s virtual voice assistant Alexa can go virtually anywhere thanks to Amazon’s Gadgets API, but her next destination is still kind of surprising: It’ll (sort of) end up in Big Mouth Billy Bass, the animatronic talking fish that you may have seen adorning the walls of the homes of people you don’t like.

At a special event today at Amazon’s Seattle HQ, the company reveals that Alexa would be making its way to the fish via Bluetooth connectivity to Echo devices. Now, it’ll be able to lip sync to your music as played back by your Amazon Echo devices via voice commands.

This actually isn’t even the first time Alexa has been in a fish, oddly enough: A DIY solution created by Brian Kane using a Raspberry Pi showed up in November last year.

But if you like your intelligent fish assistants nice and official, this is your lucky day.