AI training

OpenAI wants to work with organizations to build new AI training data sets

It’s an open secret that the data sets used to train AI models are deeply flawed. Image corpora tends to be U.S.- and Western-centric, partly because Western images dominated the internet when t

Google’s new A3 GPU supercomputer with Nvidia H100 GPUs will be generally available next month

Despite their $30,000+ price, Nvidia’s H100 GPUs are a hot commodity — to the point where they are typically back-ordered. Earlier this year, Google Cloud announced the private preview lau

V7 snaps up $33M to automate training data for computer vision AI models

Artificial intelligence promises to help humans carry out everyday tasks faster and quickly solve problems that they have been too big for humans to tackle. But ironically, the building that AI can ta

Exafunction aims to reduce AI dev costs by abstracting away hardware

The most sophisticated AI systems today are capable of impressive feats, from directing cars through city streets to writing human-like prose. But they share a common bottleneck: hardware. Developing