• adidas miCoach Pacer tracks your heart rate, helps you get fit at your own speed

    Against all the odds, I have found something genuinely interesting at CES. (Seriously, if you don’t like 3D TV you’d better go home.) It’s the adidas miCoach Pacer, a handy little device that measures your heart rate while you exercise. The device records all sorts of data, including calories burned, miles walked/ran, and stride length, and then syncs that to the miCoach… Read More

  • Meet the adidas Jabulani, the ball that will be used at the 2010 World Cup

    Happening right now (well, when this first appears on the front page) is the draw for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It’s a big deal, and will lead to endless debate on call-in radio shows all over the world: what’s the real group of death? Does [our country] have a chance? Can anyone beat Brazil or Spain? And so on. But the World Cup is pretty useless without, you know, the ball. So… Read More

  • Video: How Adidas makes the Europass Euroball (for the Euros!)

    Want to see how Adidas makes the Europass, the new hi-tech ball to be used in this summer’s European Championship? Yes? OK! Call me [bad name], but do you see this type of innovation applied to baseballs and (American) footballs? Seems to me a baseball is a baseball is a baseball, while Adidas keeps pumping out Futureshock designs. This Saturday, kids. I’ll be watching on ESPN2HD… Read More

  • Adidas + Samsung official

    On the news that Apple and Nike were going to expand their iPod partnership, Adidas is giving a bit of a “me too”, introducing a shoe + phone scheme, using wireless biometrics in the show to display information on an Adidas-branded Samsung phone. We knew it was coming, but now it’s official, and that’s nice. Adidas to take on Nike+ with branded handset [Brand Republic] Read More

  • Star Wars kicks: I see your Schwartz is as big as mine

    I present you with a dilemma. You’ve spent $300 on a pair of limited edition Adidas Superstar 1 Force Star Wars sneakers (available in Yoda white or Darth Vader black) that look otherwise unassuming until someone gets a glimpse of the logos on the upper heels. You want the world to know that you’ve purchase these sneakers but the only way to do so would be to wear very short pants. Read More

  • Told you so: Samsung Adidas phone coming

    The F110 aka Adidas Sport is a weak ass 2.5G slider with a 2-inch QVGA screen, 2-megapixel camera, FM radio and MP3 player. The actual ‘Sport’ functions include a heartbeat monitor, pedometer and a few other dedicated sports applications. I guess that’s cool. Details are scant so we’ll see what else pans out. when it launches next month. Samsung Adidas Phone loopt warm… Read More

  • Rumor Confirmed: Adidas, Samsung Mobile Phone Is Coming

    Well, the rumors about an Adidas, Samsung mobile phone can be laid to rest. The phone is definitely in the works according to a trusted source. I wasn’t able to extrapolate any other details other than the phone being ergonomic and that you won’t have to look at the phone while you’re running to answer a call or something along those lines. The details we gave you earlier… Read More

  • Samsung, Adidas Mashup On New Mobile Phone

    Just the other day I was going for a short jog and wondering whether or not someone would fill the void in the mobile phone industry for a pedometer, heart rate monitor and MP3 player all-in-one. Be still my heart. Rumors are floating about that Samsung and Adidas have teamed up to release the SGH-F110. If the rumors are true then we will soon see a mobile phone that does everything I… Read More

  • Adidas Helps You Monitor Your Heart

    Adidas has teamed up with Polar to produce a new line of clothes called Project Fusion that will both monitor your ECG stats and, possibly, look cool. The system has sensors built throughout the shirt to check your heart rate and the shoes to keep tabs on how far and fast you’re moving. After your workout, just upload all the info to your PC via Bluetooth and see how you did, and how long… Read More