Guitar Hero Returns With First-Person Rocking

Guitar Hero is poised to make plastic guitar controllers a fixture of living rooms everywhere once again, with a brand new version called Guitar Hero Live that ships this fall, complete with a built-i

Lego Dimensions Video Game Brings Lego Toys To Life

Lego has a new game in the works with Warner Bros. Interactive, which brings the building blocks into the toys-to-life category to compete with the likes of Skylanders. The new Lego Dimensions game is

Welcome To The Game: Amazon’s Working With Activision On In-App Offers

During today's Amazon Kindle Extravaganza, one of the slides that was popped up during the event got the attention of quite a few of us. It was a slide showing an in-app offer on a Kindle device. I

Activision Q2 Surprises The Street Again On $1.08B Revenue And $0.16 EPS, Raises Outlook

Activision Blizzard <a target="_blank" href="">announced its second

Activision: Social Game Company Valuations “Out Of Whack”

With <a href="">skyrocketing valuation numbers</a> for upstart tech companies, it's not just n

Activision CEO Spills The Beans: Guitar Hero Isn’t Dead, Just Resting

As a barely 23-year-old, my deepest connection to most classic Rock songs is through a <a href="">PlayStation</a> game. My favorite PlayStation game. You may

Activision: Guitar Hero Not Dead, Merely Placed On Hiatus

<img src="" />Activision now says that Guitar Hero hasn't been outright cancelled, but merely placed on hiatus. The publisher <a H

False Alarm: Activision Calls Modern Warfare Teaser ‘Hoax’

<img src="" />We regret to inform you that the Modern Warfare 3 “<a HREF="

Analyst: Prepare Yourselves For A Pay-To-Play Call Of Duty

<img src="" />Now here’s a rumor that will stop many people in their tracks. An analyst at Wedbush Securities, “one of the larg

Guitar Hero Didn't Die A Natural Death, But Was Killed By Myopic Greed

<img src="" />Kudos to <a HREF="">Activision</a> for doing exactly what so many people h

Activision Discontinues Guitar Hero And True Crime Franchises

<img src="" />Sad news today. Looks like the music genre doesn't have room for two (or is it three? four?) overpriced DLC machines. To be

Walker Digital Sues Zynga, Activision Blizzard Over Gaming Patent

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Walker Digital</a>, the "invention company" founded by <a href="http:/

Activision Adds EA To Its $400 Million Infinity Ward Lawsuit

<img src="" />Tis the season to be suing the pants off your nearest rivals. Activision's lawsuit against former Infinity Ward gents Jason W

Billions And Billions Served: Call Of Duty Black Ops Makes $650m In First Five Days

<img src="" />Yeah, we know, Activision. <a HREF="">Call of Duty: Black Ops</a>

No Buys: Big Video Game Franchises Stink Up The Joint In October

<img src="" />Man, October was a pretty bad month for video game sales, particularly those published by the big guns. <a HREF="http://www

Shocker: Bungie's Activision Game Will Have A PC Port

<img src="" />Activision: a company! A company with presentations, presentations that contain <i>slides</i>. One recent slide, seen her

Fat Cash: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Makes $360M Its First Day, Activision Say It's Biggest Launch In Entertainment History

<img src="" />As a caller on Ron & Fez reminded us a little while ago, <a HREF="

Surprise! Game-Breaking Problems Mar PC Launch Of Call Of Duty: Black Ops

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Call of Duty: Black Ops</a> launched to great fanfar

Call Of Duty: Black Ops: The ‘Pinnacle Of The Linear Military Shooter Experience’

<img src="" />The Guardian says that <a HREF="">Call of Duty: Black Ops</a> has “

Will Call Of Duty Black Ops Be The Biggest Game Ever?

And it would have done so fairly quietly, given that EA’s Medal of Honor had gotten much more heat in the past few months. Was that good heat or bad heat? Who knows. But what we do know is that
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