Canon Goes All In On EOS With C300 Digital Cinema System, New DSLR

In this evening of dueling announcements (RED announced their compact high-res camera system tonight as well), Canon has shown that it's serious in the area of digital cinema with its new Cinema EOS s

Canon Officially Unveils The Pixma Pro-1 Photo Printer

At a media even in the Big Apple, Canon today announced its latest flagship photo printer, the Pixma Pro-1. According to Canon, the Pixma Pro-1 is the world's first A3+ printer to boast 12 separate i

Canon’s New Professional 1D X Goes Full Frame, Improves Video

Canon has just announced the next version of their flagship 1D series of professional DSLRs, the EOS-1D X. It's faster and better in just about every way, and few of you will be lucky enough to use on

Canon To Bring Smooth Aperture Adjustment Rings To DSLRs?

If you've been in <a href="">photography </a>for more than ten years, you probably remember the way things used to be on old film cameras. There was no elec

Canon Gets In On The AirPrint Fun, Allows For iOS Printing On A Three Printers

AirPrint allows for iOS printing on a select number of HP printers. Well, that list just got a little more competitive thanks to a Canon. This marks the first non-HP option for AirPrint. Previously, u

Canon Updates Classic PowerShot Cameras, Announces The S100 & SX40 HS

Canon took the wire this morning to announce two new significant point & shoot cameras. The PowerShot S100 replaces the much-loved S95 while the PowerShot SX40 becomes the company's latest mega zo

Canon Unveils New Line Of PowerShot Digital Cameras

Nothing goes better with back-to-school clothes than a nice little point-and-shoot. Thus, Canon’s timing couldn’t be any better. Today the new PowerShot digital cameras are making their debut, and

Canon Lens Shot Glasses, For Drinkin’ And Shootin’

Lens-related ephemera seems to be a soft spot of mine. <a href="">Canon thermoses</a>, <a href="https://beta.techc

Head-To-Head Review: Canon T3i Vs. Nikon D5100

With HD video recording, great image quality, and a solid selection of lenses, the <a href="">Nikon D

Canon’s X Mark I Mouse Lite Is A Jack Of All Trades

All-in-one. That’s my golden word. If you want to sell me something, make sure it can do ten completely random never-would-have-expected-it-to tasks, and I’m in. Three-in-one is only slightly less

Canon's T3 Gets A Tiny Bit More Colorful With Red, Brown, Grey Options

<img src="" />In order to extend the news cycle a bit, companies tend to release variants of their gadgets on an extended schedule. Case

CrunchDeals: Canon SD1300 IS Point And Shoot For $70 At Radio Shack

This is a great deal for a solid point-and-shoot — the Powershot SD1300 IS was $200 a year ago when it came out, but if you’re near a Radio Shack, you can drop by and pick one up for only

Both Nikon And Canon's Image Authentication Systems Busted

<img src="" />A Russian white-hat security firm, Elcomsoft, has found that <a href="

Technicolor Teams Up With Canon For New Digital Cinema Tools

<img src="" />One of the main objections to video shot on DSLRs is that it's instantly encoded using a lossy codec, and as a consequ

New Carl Zeiss Lenses Are So Nice, They Come In Their Own Briefcase

<img src="" />Carl Zeiss just announced a bundle of prime lenses for both <a href="

Canon To Auction Off Some Shiny Colored T3s To Benefit Japan

I wish every Canon could come in shiny colors like these T3s. But no, they are only limited editions, and tomorrow Canon will release them with matching camouflage straps and protective wraps. The sp

Canon Ambiguous On Mirrorless Camera Plans

<img src="" />Last year, we heard <a href="">Canon</a> was vaguely planning on <a href="http://www

Transfer Super 8 To Digital… The Hard Way

Three from James Miller on Vimeo. James Miller wanted to transfer this old Super 8 movie shot in 1979 to digital. Instead of, you know, using ready-made gear or services, he attached a mask to a Canon

Canon Throws Its Weight Behind Intel's Thunderbolt

There are no products to announce or anything, but Canon has decided it’s going to saddle up with Thunderbolt, Intel’s new high-speed interface. It’s doubtful that it will be integra

Canon Launches New Powershots, We Write Post About Them

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a camera company releases a barrel full of new cameras on the evening following the Super Bowl? You’re about to find out. Because Canon, AKA Sunday
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