• HTC Touch Dual up for pre-order on BestBuy.com

    Speaking with HTC representatives at CTIA, I was told that the HTC Touch Dual would be available through Best Buy and that it would be unlocked. Well, it looks like it’s indeed up for pre-order through Best Buy and it’ll indeed be unlocked. The Touch Dual, as you’ll remember, is the successor to the HTC Touch. The Dual has a slide down keypad, making it much easier to enter… Read More

  • Photobucket Introduces Group Albums to Make Sharing Simple

    Photobucket, one of the web’s most visited sites and home to billions of photos, is introducing a new feature dubbed “Group Albums”. The feature will allow multiple friends to add their photos and videos to a shared album, which can be password protected and moderated by the Group’s owner. Group Albums aren’t currently active on the site – Photobucket… Read More

  • MeeMix Remixes YouTube To Create Personalized Music Video Channels

    MeeMix keeps plugging along on its journey to attract more users to its personalized Internet radio service. Today the company is adding a new feature which complements users’ radio stations with “twin” music video channels. While Last.fm introduced video recommendations exactly a year ago, MeeMix thinks this will help make its service more attractive. The company has always… Read More

  • Early Atom-based mobile internet device costs $1130

    Silly me, I thought these mobile internet devices (MID) based around Intel’s new Atom chipset were supposed to be relatively affordable. This Gigabyte M528 with 4.8-inch screen is up for pre-order on an Australian website (Tegatech.com.au) for around $1130 US. It was originally priced at around $1460, but the price got lowered almost immediately after everyone starting shaking their fists… Read More

  • HBO, Apple Confirm iTunes Store Downloads

    HBO will sell “The Sopranos,” “Sex and the City,” “Deadwood” and “Rome,” “Flight of the Conchords” and “The Wire,” among others, on the iTunes store. All 94 episodes of “Sex in the City” will be available (a mere $187 for the whole run!) at $1.99 each while more popular shows like the “Sopranos”… Read More

  • Gaming on the go with the portable Dreamcast

    Sure, it’s not the most portable of portables, but if you long for the simpler days of Dreamcast, why not build a version you can take almost anywhere? Also, a note to the guy who sold me the broken Dreamcast at the Detroit Lakes, MN flea market last summer; I want my $20 back. I’m coming after you like a tornado made of arms, teeth, and fingernails. via Nowhere Else 2.0 Read More

  • Schmap Launches City Guide Web App for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Schmap, publisher of over 200 free online travel guides, has opened access to their guides for iPhone and iPod Touch users by way of a remarkably nifty web application. The guides cover cities throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and provide information on everything from the city’s historical background to the best places to get your drink on. As portrayed in… Read More

  • Smalltown's WebCards: No Longer Just Hyper-Local

    Smalltown, a company out to help local businesses establish themselves online, is spreading its reach on the web and in the real world by founding a new site at WebCards.com. We first reviewed Smalltown in October 2006 when it launched a destination site for so-called “WebCards”. These compact mini-sites provide overview information about businesses located in any of 6 Bay Area cities. Read More

  • Sprout Raises $5 Million for Flash Widget Creation

    I’m not the only one who was impressed by Sprout, a browser-based tool for creating interactive widgets in Flash that debuted in February. The Honolulu and San Francisco-based startup has collected $5 million in venture funding to fuel its operations. Polaris Venture Partners led the round, with previous investors Global Venture Capital and Mitch Kapor participating. Mike Hirshland… Read More

  • Mozilla Stealth Data Project Could Be Just What The Internet Needs

    One of the most frustrating tasks about my job is finding reliable traffic and other usage data about websites. But today, Mozilla CEO John Lilly and VP Engineering Mike Schroepfer said they may fix that problem in the future, via the massive installed base of Firefox users. The State of Analytics Today There are three ways to measure web traffic. The first is user-focused and based on… Read More

  • LightPole's Geotagging Comes to Movable Type

    Six Apart, creator of the blogging platform Movable Type, has partnered with LightPole, a mobile application provider. The two companies have co-developed a plugin for Movable Type that will allow bloggers to geo-tag their posts, create geo-located Points of Interest, and publish content through LightPole channels to mobile phones. The plugin brings Movable Type to two distinct (and… Read More

  • Nimbuzz aims at mobile and social networks to turn the screw on Skype

    We last wrote about Nimbuzz in early 2007. Then it was a free application which supported voice, presence, conference calls, and SMS messaging between mobile devices, PC’s, and mobile to PC or PC to mobile. Founded in 2006 and run out of the Netherlands, the service has been in beta since, and now plans to compete with the likes of Jahjah and Skype. The difference is that on Tuesday it… Read More

  • Microsoft's WorldWide Telescope Released

    Microsoft has released its highly anticipated Worldwide Telescope software, which can be used by astronomers and non-astronomers alike to explore the heavens with a desktop client akin to Google Earth. We’ll have a detailed review up shortly. Until then, head over the site and download your copy for free (Windows only). See our previous coverage here and here. Read More

  • Top posts for Monday, May 12, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: Eye-Fi adds 2 new wireless memory cards to their product line-up RIM announces Blackberry Bold CrunchGear Week in Review: Fun Time BBQ Edition Second gen iPhone screengrab shows 3G data toggle Car vs. iPhone: Who shall be the victor? Patent: Location-based music from Sony Ericsson Neoprene backpacks for unfettered urban mobility BlackBerry inks deal with MS for Windows… Read More

  • Two million Zunes have been sold

    Just a note: Microsoft wants you to know that it’s now sold 2 million Zunes. Sure, it’s still 148 million less media players than Apple, but we should note Apple’s been at it longer. 2 million is still a larger number than many thought that Microsoft would hit. We like the Zune, and you should give one a shot next time you’re in the market. Congrats to the Zune team are… Read More

  • The mobile phone turns 100 years old today

    That svelte mobile phone in your pocket has ancestors that go back 100 years today, when a man named Nathan Stubblefield invented the movable telephone. It had a huge transmitter and needed power, but the idea he came up with echoes in all portable phones today. It was only recently that Stubblefield was recognized as the inventor, so we tip our hats to the man belatedly for helping start… Read More

  • JVC and Kenwood to wed

    Big news out of Japan: JVC and Kenwood are merging their businesses. JVC makes many decent video products, among other things, and Kenwood is noted for its popular car audio lines. The new entity would be a holding company, perhaps called JVC Kenwood. The shares of each company will become shares of the new company. This is good for both companies as it gives them better leverage to take on… Read More

  • Live From Google Campfire One: Friend Connect

    Google is holding its third Campfire One event tonight, this time to discuss the details of Friend Connect with developers. Friend Connect is a new data portability initiative for spreading social connections around the web. It’s the third of such announcements to be made in less than a week; MySpace Data Availability and Facebook Connect are the other two. Michael will be streaming… Read More

  • NewsCred: Just How Trustworthy is Your Favorite Blog?

    The internet is littered with people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Common sense is usually enough to separate the junk from legitimate articles, but even the most highly-regarded publications have been infiltrated by reporters who like to make things up. NewsCred, an international startup based out of Geneva and Stockholm, is trying to address this problem by assigning… Read More

  • Schmap launches city guide web app for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Schmap, publisher of over 200 free online travel guides, has opened access to their guides for iPhone and iPod Touch users by way of a remarkably nifty web application. The guides cover cities throughout the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and provide information on everything from the city’s historical background to the best places to get your drink on. As portrayed in… Read More

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