• Elevator Pitch Friday: Valu Valu Uses A Scientific Pricing Model To Sell Games

    This week’s elevator pitch comes from Valu Valu, an online marketplace of video games whose prices are based on dynamic scientific pricing, creating the optimal price for both the seller and the buyer. The pitch was concise and outlined the service the the site is delivering well didn’t tell us how Valu Valu will make money. After doing a little bit of research, we discovered that… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sapphire Radeon 4870 512MB, $150 shipped

    It wasn’t so very long ago that the 4870 was the king of the hill. They offer it all the way up to 2GB right now, but 512MB should suit anybody shopping in the mid range. And $150 (with the $15 mail-in rebate) is an absolutely excellent price for this card. If I weren’t completely broke right now, I’d buy one myself. Maybe one of you guys could buy two and I’ll pay… Read More

  • Making antique computer hardware sing

    Making a musical found-sound collage is hardly rare (The Books are kings of it), but when it’s all noises from ancient PCs in the UK’s National Museum of Computing, it becomes our business. Musician Pixelh8 was inspired by these humongous machines and the variety of noises they make, and is putting on a series of shows with the music he’s put together from them. Read More

  • DIY worm composting

    Looking for a way to compost your organic waste? All you need is a bunch of worms and a plastic storage tub with a lid. How big the tub needs to be and how many worms you need depends on how much food waste you want to process per week. To give you an idea, a pound of worms can process half a pound of waste per day. Read More

  • Interview: Contrast – the guys behind Qwitter who have global ambitions

    You may not have heard of Contrast, but if you are on Twitter – and a lot of people are these days – you may well have heard of Qwitter, the little app that ignited controversy when it allowed you to see when someone unfollowed you on Twitter. Queue a heated debate on its contribution to the collapse of civilisation as we know it. But there is a lot more up the sleeve of the… Read More

  • Some Indie Facebook Developers Pulling In Over $700,000 A Month

    The mass media may be enamored of the rags-to-riches stories of developers on Apple’s App Store, but it isn’t the only game in town for indie developers to strike it rich. We’ve gotten word from SocialMedia, a popular ad platform for social network applications, that one of the company’s clients pulled in over $700,000 in advertising revenues from their Facebook apps… Read More

  • PlayOn moves to rule the streaming content roost, adds Amazon VoD and Revision3 content

    If you haven’t heard about PlayOn, MediaMall’s PC-to-console video streaming software, you will soon. Moving to become a major player in the streaming content world, PlayOn has grabbed some major wins lately, and it doesn’t look like they’re planning on slowing down. In a software update hitting today, PlayOn has added streaming support for Amazon’s Video on… Read More

  • Hands-on: LaCie iamaKey flash drive

    Hold up, LaCie has something here. The iamaKey flash drive is actually novel and worth your time. I like it. Read More

  • Follow Friday: CrunchGear Edition

    Hey everyone, you know what day it is? Friday! Hurray! But not just any Friday, mind you. It’s Follow Friday! Okay, fine. Every Friday is Follow Friday in Twitterland, so it technically is just another Friday – but work with me here. Each Follow Friday, you’re supposed to recommend people on Twitter that are worth following, so as to spread the love and bring about world peace… Read More

  • Pure Digital (Flip Video) In Acquisition Discussions; Cisco May Be Buying (Updated)

    San Francisco based Pure Digital Technologies, the seven year old company behind the Flip Video line of video cameras, is considering a sale of the company, multiple sources have confirmed. One interested buyer is rumored to be Cisco. Flip cameras – dead simple and small video devices that are tailored towards users who want to upload video to the Internet – have become… Read More

  • Trouble in paradise: What's the matter with the 17-inch MacBook Pro's display?

    You just know that Steve Jobs is pretty upset with Nvidia right now. Reports are popping up detailing video problems currently being suffered by the new 17-inch MacBook Pro. It seems that, for some people, whenever the 9600M is turned on the screen displays all sorts of nasty tearing and color deformities. That picture up there shows the extent to the damage. Read More

  • Super Magnet Man is, unfortunately, not a superhero

    With admonitions like “If you like your fingers and hands … you will always wear something like … thick gloves when you’re handling large magnets” and “these are in the body part crushing category”, you know Super Magnet Man is dealing with really powerful magnets. Neodymium magnets are the strongest rare-earth magnets around, and Super Magnet Man… Read More

  • Contest: Win a copy of South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season on Blu-ray or DVD [Update]

    Hey, kids! Happy Friday! Aren’t you excited for the weekend? I know I am! Because it’s a slooooow news day, we thought we’d liven things up a bit with a contest. On Tuesday, March 10th, Comedy Central and Paramount are releasing the 12th season of South Park on Blu-ray and DVD. And we happen to have one copy of it on Blu-ray and two copies on DVD that we want to give to you. Read More

  • Hallelujah: Microsoft confirms IE8, WMP, others can be removed from Windows 7

    Celebrate! It’s VW day — Victory in Windows, March 6th! The eternal oppressor Internet Explorer and its lieutenants, who have occupied our operating systems for so long, are at long last to be removed. The net was abuzz about it yesterday, and now Microsoft has confirmed, via its Engineering Windows 7 blog, that IE8 among other significant features will be user-removable. Huzzah! Read More

  • Latest complete guess puts Apple Snow Leopard at June 8

    A bit of a Snow Leopard update for y’all this fine (?) Friday afternoon. A gentleman at the Baltimore Sun—wow, is it really like The Wire?—has OFFICIALLY PREDICTED that Apple’s WWDC will begin on June 7, which is a Sunday. Therefore, this gentleman says, we can expect to see the official unveiling of Snow Leopard the following day, on Monday, June 8. Does that mean… Read More

  • WaTunes Sells Your Music On iTunes And Amazon Free Of Charge

    WaTunes, a service that helps independent artists get their music into online music stores like iTunes and Amazon, has announced that it is making its service entirely free. The move is a direct attack on competitors like TuneCore, which also helps independent artists distribute their music but charges fees depending on the number of songs being sold and the number of stores the artist would… Read More

  • Gruber on Safari 4: Whoa

    The Internet’s John Gruber posted a long, long piece about Safari 4, noting that the missing progress bar is a huge mistake and that top-tabs are not new and are quite unique and problematic. He notes, as I did, that grabbing the tabs now messes up the concept of “title bars” and “draggable space.” Read More

  • WikiPock Will Put An Entire Copy Of Wikipedia In Your Pocket For $10

    Would you pay $10 for an entire offline copy of Wikipedia, the crowdsourced encyclopedia of information that you can get on the Web for free? WikiPock, a Paris-based startup, has compressed the entire English language version of Wikipedia to under 4 gigabytes (not including images), and is selling it for mobile phones. The other language versions are smaller (it also comes in German… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell Crystal 22-inch LCD for $499

    Dell’s Crystal 22-inch LCD monitor is no doubt sexy, but the $999 price tag is kind of joke. After all it, the monitor is essentially the $249 2208WFP monitor with a bit of glass, a webcam, and some crappy speakers. However, the latest sale drops the price down to $499 which still carries a luxury item tax but is more realistic. Read More

  • Let's quit our jobs and become World of Warcraft gold farmers

    Spend some time in any of the great World of Warcraft capitals—Stormwind City, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, etc.—and you’ll soon see this message flood the Trade Channel: “Need gold fast? You visit somesite.com, we have best gold prices on Internet!” To some players, myself included, it’s nothing more than noisy spam. “Shut up, jerkface, I’m trying to… Read More

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