• Apple to sell more music without DRM, tomorrow?

    Rumor has it that Apple will start selling DRM free content from Sony, Universal, and Warner starting December 9th. Apple has received much criticism in the past for their strict and rather dictatorial management of iTunes, however this could be a sign of things to come. So what do you think? Is Apple delivering an early Christmas present? Could we really be moving towards a more liberal… Read More

  • Review: IOGEAR 3-Port USB 2.0 Mobile Hub

    Short Version: It’s small, it’s inexpensive, and it pulls double duty as a three-port hub and mini-USB device charger all in one. Read More

  • Honda done with F1 Racing and reallocating funds to ECO car development

    There was a time when winning races on Sunday meant sales on Monday, but the general populous might have moved from that mentality as the race cars drifted farther from production models. Honda is the latest in a long line of car manufacturers to refocus into developing economic cars and withdrew from Formula One racing today – totally. Read More

  • Mobile to make 2012 Olympics more bloody exciting

    Looking to improve upon spectators’ experiences and interactions at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, event organizers have joined forces with British Telecom to create a comprehensive mobile strategy for the Games. Possible applications include real-time scores, fan polls, news updates, and allowing customers to pay for items 10£ and under with their mobiles. But wait, that’s… Read More

  • Zune phone coming at CES keynote?

    Once upon a time, Zune phone rumors were as thick on the ground as Autumn leaves. But as the inevitable nothing happened, they died down and were replaced by the more interesting Windows 7 rumblings. But now Microsoft is in pole position to announce something like a Zune phone, having pretty much let the whole 7 cat out of the bag and lacking any really compelling major product developments… Read More

  • Pulitzer Prize Makes Nice With The Web As Print Media Stumbles

    The Pulitzer Prize Board, the governing body behind American journalism’s highest honor, has announced that online-only newspapers will now be eligible for the Prize. The announcement comes as many traditional media outlets are struggling – the Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy today and The New York Times is borrowing against its Manhattan headquarters – and affirms… Read More

  • Cute little wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad

    I like this thing, and I hope we see more like it on this side of the Pacific. As our media centers, TVs, monitors and so on continue to converge, the clicker is becoming more like a keyboard. So why not just… use a keyboard? This practical little guy has a trackpad and compact keyboard, although my spider-sense does not detect any easy media keys, so it’s not the best choice for… Read More

  • RightScale Announces $13 Million Series B

    RightScale this morning announced it had raised $13 million in a second round of venture capital funding. As the name implies, RightScale attempts to solve the accessibility problem for small to medium sized businesses who lack the development resources to transition into cloud computing. They provide a simple dashboard interface that fits on top of Amazon Web Services. In addition, their… Read More

  • The most stressful game on Earth: Commander in Chief for the PC

    Oh man, if there were ever a job you wouldn’t want right now it’s president. (Good luck preventing the collapse of our comfortable way of life, Obama.) Luckily for us that, at most, all we’ll have to worry about is the occasional Game Over. A game called Commander in Chief will be released on January 20, the same day that president-elect Obama can finally eliminate that… Read More

  • Kosmix Raises $20 Million More For Its Universal Search Engine

    Kosmix, a universal search engine that pulls data from a variety of sources including Wikipedia, Yahoo Buzz and our own CrunchBase, has closed a $20 million round led by Time Warner, with participation from existing investors Accel Partners, Dag Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners. The round brings Kosmix’s total funding to $55 million. As part of today’s announcement… Read More

  • Apparently, there are new ways to watch movies

    The Wall Street Journal has a quick little summary of some of the new ways you’ll be watching movies. Many, if not all of them, are already familiar to us here: BD-Live, watching movies on your iPhone then moving them to your TV, kiosks at Blockbuster that burn burn movies to discs, etc. Laughably, there’s also a mention of movie theaters’ attempts to draw people to their… Read More

  • Review: Buscum Ducis

    Starting your own watch company is hard. Unlike, say, hiring a factory in Taiwan to make a bunch of MP3 players for you, creating a watch takes patience, an understanding of the history of horology, and a willingness to risk failure. Thankfully, Buscum Ducis’ Svan van Der Zande has all of these attributes.
    Read More

  • Review: Targus Chill Mat for Mac

    Have a case of the Mac Sweats? Embarrassed by the wet stains on your lap after hours of using your MacBook? Targus has what you’re looking for, friend. Read More

  • CrunchDeal: $100 off the Serket Reef Diver 2.0

    Serket, formerly Scorpion, makes really nice dive watches. They’re not very flashy but they’re well-made and use real Swiss Movements inside an American-designed case. I’ve reviewed the 1.0 version of this watch and I really liked it. Read More

  • Gmail Finally Gets A To-Do List

    Someone at Google finally realized how helpful it would be to add a to-do list to Gmail. It is called “Tasks” and is now available in Gmail Labs (click on the beaker icon next to “Settings” on the upper right hand corner of Gmail). When you enable Tasks, it appears as a link in the left-hand column under Contacts. Click on the link and a box pops up in the lower… Read More

  • Cowon's S9 has a touchy interface

    As I always say, I like Cowon’s stuff — the look, the interface, the support for many formats — and this S9 is no different. People will complain that it’s kind of lifting the iPhone interface, but I think that’s a pretty pointless criticism at this point: the iPhone’s interface came early but really, it was never groundbreaking, simply usable. And now the… Read More

  • Review: Hitachi DZ-BD10HA Blu-Ray camcorder

    Short Version: A versatile HD camcorder that’s perfect for home videos, but not so much for budding video professionals. Read More

  • Review: Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5

    Having recently been exposed to all sorts of high-end in-ear monitors from the likes of Shure and Etymotic, my ears are quite sensitive to craptacular headphones and low grade MP3s. The recently announced Super.Fi 5s from Ultimate Ears have been my weapon of choice the last two weeks in a variety of environments that include the streets of Manhattan, on multiple planes, working out and around… Read More

  • HP and ASU create flexible, "unbreakable" displays

    It seems that display-makers are counting on the flexible display market to blow up over the next few years as displays become possible in places where they were awkward or impossible before: wrapped around poles, embedded in cloth, and so on. HP and Arizona State University’s Flexible Display Center are the latest to come up with an incredibly thin display technology, though… Read More

  • Paramount Wireless enters the world of earphones with iHarmonix

    New earphones. Yay. Just what the world needs.  The Platinum Series The ‘higher-end’ line that includes cell phone control. The i-Series has an in-line mic and a multi-function button for phone and music control. The ev-Series drops the mic but retains the volume and playback control. The e-Series is just the earphones. $59.99, $59.99, & $49.99, respectively. The Style… Read More

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