• Daily Crunch: Common People Edition

    New robo-teddy with built-in drunk driving prevention and navigation system
    Yahoo celebrates SearchMonkey launch by shipping out boxes of beer
    In thirty seconds time…
    Why the Wii sucks: Part 15
    Newman offers Cool Man MP3 player, none of your dignity back Read More

  • Hey Twitter, Maybe It's Better Not To Share Absolutely Everything

    Ok, I love the new, improved and more communicative Twitter as much as everyone else (even if their uptime woes continue to get worse). The fact that Twitter recently launched a status blog to communicate performance issues tells me they’re serious about acting more like a grown up startup. But notifying us that they’ve “Lost a database” may be sharing too much. Or… Read More

  • Damnit…FriendFeed Gets Even More Useful With An Interestingness Filter

    I still haven’t decided if FriendFeed, which aggregates activities from other websites like YouTube, Twitter, your blog, Flickr, etc., is the ultimate walled garden of our personal data or possibly the answer to the Centralized Me problem. I keep pushing FriendFeed to take the lead in the DataPortability wars by allowing users to export all that stuff they gather. For now, their feeds… Read More

  • Video Review: Flip Mino digital camcorder

    I review the new Flip Mino…or do I? Here’s five minutes you’ll never get back. Flip Mino [TheFlip.com] Like this video? View more here… Read More

  • Unlike Us, CrunchGear Has Nothing Bad To Say About The Flip Mino

    http://blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf?enablejs=true&feedurl=http%3A%2F%2Fcrunchgear%2Eblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash&file=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Frss%2Fflash%2F973884%3Freferrer%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ecrunchgear%2Ecom%2Fsource%3D3&brandlink=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2F%3Futm%5Fsource%3Dbrandlink&brandname=blip%2Etv&showplayerpath=http%3A%2F%2Fblip%2Etv%2Fscripts%2Fflash%2Fshowplayer%2Eswf Unlike my scathing review of the Flip Mino yesterday, CrunchGear’s Doug Aamoth can’t find anything bad to say about it. In fact, he has nothing to say about it at all. That’s because Flip never delivered a promised test Mino to him, either before or after the embargo. The company flooded the blogs and news outlets with them a week ago, and we’re hearing reports that club go’ers in Los Angeles (at least the good looking ones) are being handed them for free. Almost everyone who wants one has a Flip Mino, and most of these people have written glowing reviews that completely ignore the fact that the Mino competes with digital cameras, not camcorders. Did the fact that we’ve been harsh on the Flip in the past have something to do with this? CrunchGear did receive a delivery from Flip that included the press release, an empty box and a return address form. But no Flip. In lieu of an actual review, Doug created the video above chronicling his frustration. CrunchBase Information Flip Video Information provided by CrunchBas&hellip… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith setlist

    The Aerosmith version of Guitar Hero is coming, and many rockers are stoked. While Aerosmith isn’t my thing, they have more fans than most bands that appear in music games. The idea of dedicating a whole version of the game to a single band’s greatest hits is a new one, but this won’t be the only time it happens. Indeed a Metallica version is rumored to be in the works. But… Read More

  • Contest: We're giving away three 'GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power' rechargeable battery packs

    In the spirit of summertime travel, IOGEAR has given us three GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power systems to give away. Each kit consists of a lightweight and rechargeable battery pack capable of recharging small devices like MP3 players and cell phones. The kits come with seven interchangeable power tips to charge devices that use Sony Ericsson, Samsung, USB, mini-USB, and Nokia ports. To win… Read More

  • Intel's next barrage: Nehalem gets previewed

    Those lucky bastards over at AnandTech got their mitts on a couple totally unofficial Nehalem chips. For those of you not in the know (a group which included me until about 15 minutes ago), Nehalem is the second part of the Intel processor cycle that started with the 45nm Penryn shrinkage all those months ago. Just as the Core microarchitecture (and the phenomenally popular Core2 Duos) were… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Thursday, June 5

    Today’s Top Posts: Show us the tech in your car, win $200 in audiobooks from Simply Audiobooks Rumor: Tony Hawk T-Mobile Sidekick LX being announced tomorrow? [Update] Gary Krakow is off his f’ing rocker, tells Jobs what to do to make the iPhone better VUDU Wireless Kit now available for $79 Breaking: Verizon Wireless to acquire Alltel for $28.1 billion With the new App Store… Read More

  • AT&T loses laptop filled with employee SSNs and salaries

    Speaking of unencrypted data, letters are being sent around to AT&T managers alerting them that someone managed to skulk off with an unencrypted company laptop in tow. According to the letter, the laptop was stolen on May 15th from an employee’s vehicle. It had an unencrypted file containing names, Social Security numbers, and salary information for “a number of AT&T… Read More

  • Qik Expands to Windows Mobile Platform

    Tomorrow Qik, the popular webcasting service that streams video from your phone, will announce support for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. Actual support for phones will be rolled out in the coming months. To get things started, the site has launched an invite-only alpha for the Motorola Q and Samsung BlackJack. We’ve got invites for the first 50 TechCrunch readers who… Read More

  • The New CrunchBar, Upcoming Conferences, and Thanks to TechCrunch Sponsors

    The New CrunchBar We are pleased to announce a new TechCrunch sponsor. Conduit has deployed a new TechCrunch community toolbar (dubbed the “CrunchBar”) that includes: A newsreader with RSS feeds for every TechCrunch network website to stay on top of our news no matter where it breaks Direct access to TechCrunch podcasts (catch up with the Gillmor Gang, for example, now recorded… Read More

  • Transformers 2 gets a title, and boy does it suck Ravage balls

    I really hope this is a joke. It’s a very, very bad title. When word leaked out that Star Wars II would be called Attack of the Clones, people went nuts. To George’s credit, the title ended up fitting nicely, and it was a pretty badass movie. But the new Transformers 2 title is something I couldn’t even come up with as a joke. What is it? You’ll have to hit the jump to… Read More

  • A chat with Qik about Windows Mobile, giving birth, and the future

    Tomorrow Qik, the popular webcasting service that streams video from your phone, will announce support for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. Actual support for phones will be rolled out in the coming months. I had the chance to sit down and chat with Bhaskar Roy, Co-Founder and VP Product Management of Qik, and Jackie Danicki, Director of Product Marketing. The transcript of the… Read More

  • Sony's new Bravia HDTVs can now get YouTube, among others

    Sony’s new HDTVs have another feature you’re not going to find on many other models: YouTube. Using the optional Internet Video Link, users can browse and view almost all of the content on YouTube with their remote. YouTube isn’t the only vieo content available, with other providers like AOL, Sports Illustrated, Comcast’s FEARnet and many others… Read More

  • How to spot e-vote tampering?

    Our permanent campaign marches on here in the U.S., with preparations for 2012 already well underway. To that end, some dude has asked proto-blog Slashdot what to look for when it comes to electronic vote fraud. (He’s an elections official, so he has some modicum of power to stop any shenanigans.) The suggestions are rich in thought and content. • Look for a paper trail. If… Read More

  • Next-gen Ion engine twice as powerful and efficient

    This isn’t really new, but it’s certainly awesome. You read that right, an ion engine. It’s not just a science fiction trope, it’s a real thing. Ion engines produce very little force but can run continuously for extremely long times (like years), providing an aggregate thrust not achievable by traditional engines. They might as well be magical for as much as I… Read More

  • Sony launches new line for high-end HDTVs loaded with features

    As a guy who’s really, really into HD, I’m kind of excited about Sony’s new XBR series of Bravia HDTVs. Like the latest MacBook Pros from Apple and other laptops from makers like HP, the new HDTVs feature LED backlighting instead of the standard lighting most HDTVs and LCDs use. This means a more natural color, brighter and more uniform whites, and deeper blacks. Not only… Read More

  • Thieves disguised as Comcast installers rob, shoot man; Man still likely more angry about mystery charges on cable bill

    I’m not the first technology pundit to think that Comcast is constantly ripping us off, but this is a little ridiculous. Thieves, somehow outfitted with a Comcast truck, broke into a man’s apartment in Baltimore, MD, demanding money. The fake Comcast techs then shot him. He was then handcuffed. Seeing an opportunity, he jumped through a closed bedroom window and called for… Read More

  • OS X Leopard/iPhone banners appear at Moscone

    Image courtesy of Gernot Poetsch The Leopard banner reads: “The world’s most advanced Operating System.” The iPhone banner reads: “The world’s most advanced mobile platform.” I’m so happy I’ll be in Berlin during the keynote getting drunk and not dealing with this nonsense. Read More

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