• As Rome Burned, Team Cyprus Danced

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gcQW0sUssnI%5D Yes, the meme is just getting started it seems. 1938Media does his own take of the Team Cyprus video, set to the tune of AC/DC’s HighWay To Hell: Read More

  • Zuckerberg: Facebook Connect will be delayed for "months"

    After previously hinting that that Facebook Connect would be coming shortly after early to mid-October Mark Zuckerburg said on stage at FOWA today that the official, out of beta, launch was still “months” away. Unlike the fairly quick launch of the F8 platform, he said they were going for an “extended beta”. When asked by Ryan Carson on stage at FOWA when Connect… Read More

  • Help sink Circuit City faster with this 15% off coupon

    Dar be rough waters ahead for ‘ol Circuit City and coupon code CAAXJ9DA8E will get ya 15% off a CircuitCity.com order from 10/12 to 10/18. Enjoy! via GadgetReview Read More

  • Apple has lost its mind; invites field trips to Apple Stores

    In a move that can be considered either innovative or madness, Apple has extended an invitation for K-12 students to run a muck through an Apple Store now through November 21. The Field Trip lasts an hour and lets the students create everything Macs are designed to do: websites, iPhoto albums, iMovies, ect. The Field Trips seem to be free, but you know, I’m thinking parents are… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve 8900 hands-on video

    Research in Motion has a couple of more handsets that aren’t out just yet. CrackBerry got their hands on the upcoming Curve 2 – formally known as the Javelin. Think of the phone as a toned down Bold, notibly lacking 3G wireless and featuring a smaller bezel. Read More

  • Team Cyprus Move To Undo “The Video”

    A group of twenty or so tech elite were partying 1999-style in Cyprusthis last week, and posted a lip sync video of the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing” a couple of days ago. Among the group were Brittany Bohnet of Google, Mike Hudack of Blip.tv, Dave Morin and Aaron Sittig of Facebook, Sam Lessin of Drop.io and Jessica Vascellaro, the Wall Street Journal’s… Read More

  • The Office: Battlestar Galactica bit

    Anyone see The Office last night? I laughed out loud at the Battlestar Galactica bit. You? Here it is again for your viewing pleasure. For those of you who missed it, here’s the premise: Dwight claims that he never wastes the company’s time on personal activities, so Jim takes to using a stop watch to document every single second that Dwight is off task. In order to get him all… Read More

  • Delicious, Upcoming Founders To Show You Political Bias Of News Sites

    What has ex-Yahooer and Delicious founder Joshua Schachter been working on since leaving Yahoo last June? At least one project is a GreaseMonkey script that shows readers the political leanings of blogs and news sites on Memeorandum, a news aggregator. Political sites are usually very biased, but the casual reader often doesn’t know which way a particular site tends to rant. With the… Read More

  • Nokia announcing something on October 13th

    Another day, another viral campaign. This time, the mystery fun is brought to us by Nokia. Visiting the page will playback a video outlining the woes of three people who have lost their phones, highlighting the idea that their phone “knows everything” about them. It then switch to the countdown shown above. They’ve even given all three of the video’s stars –… Read More

  • 1337 in games, n00b in bed

    It’s always been… well, tacitly assumed that those of us — I mean, of humanity in general — who excel in the fine art of fragging, have always lagged behind somewhat in the romantic arena. Despite all the “geeks are sexy” and “love is leet” sentiments going around these days, there’s no way some fox is going to prefer a guy just because of… Read More

  • YouTube/MacBook hilarious comments round-up

      I enjoy any well-articulated, insightful, and/or hilarious comments left here on CrunchGear very much but I really, really get a kick out of the crazy-ass, aggressive, maniacal comments left on YouTube videos. Hit the jump to read some comments left about the probably-fake MacBook video that surfaced earlier this morning. Just a warning that there’s some harsh language… Read More

  • Turn a busted surge protector into a secret HDD

    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/830090/ups_hack_hide.swf If you’ve got an old UPS laying around, and are both technically adept and extremely paranoid, have I got a project for you! This Instructables instructable is probably the most complicated way to go about this; there’s a lot of soldering and voltage metering going on when you really could simply, well, glue a small flash… Read More

  • Take your chalkline into the 20th century – not quite the 21st, it's just ink

    I don’t know how many of you guys out there have to use chalklines very often, or indeed how many Crunchers have ever even touched one. Personally, I like the idea of chalklines but never get a chance to use them (I have a nice little toolset, though). I think it’s the little puff of chalk when I snap the line that gets me so excited. Unfortunately, that puff leads to a slightly… Read More

  • Getting The UnParty Started: Seesmic Lays Off 1/3 Of Staff

    It’s time to start slamming the reality of the Silicon Valley situation home to everyone. Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur lets seven employees go, he says, which is more than a third of the company. This comes on top of three employees let go a couple of weeks ago. “We cut everything that wasn’t outsourceable, core or absolutely necessary for the company.” Le Meur says… Read More

  • DIY: turn an unused TiVo into a HTPC

    I love it! The hardest part about building a HTPC always seems to be finding a case that doesn’t look out of place with the other AV equipment. Even specialty built HTPC cases still don’t have the look and feel of traditional equipment; that’s where an old TiVo comes into play. This guy simply ripped out all the TiVo innards and shoved a Ubuntu XBMC computer within. He was… Read More

  • Parallel Kingdom Set To Launch One Of First iPhone/Android MMOs

    Since the launch of the iPhone App Store, we’ve seen a wave of geo-aware social networks that make use of the phone’s GPS (or in the case of the original iPhone, pseudo-GPS). Each of these apps aims to help facilitate social interaction by locating nearby friends, points of interest, or people you might be interested in meeting (but might not know yet). There’s little… Read More

  • NXE will only require 128MB of space, Microsoft to offer storage solutions for those less fortunate

    Fret not Xbox 360 owners for we will all be privy to NXE with nary a problem. Those nasty ‘facts’ from earlier in the week about you needing 256MB of free space weren’t exactly true. However, you may want to have more than 128MB to enjoy everything that NXE will offer. The New Xbox Experience will require 128MB of free space. A hard drive is recommended for the optimal… Read More

  • Yahoo! oneSearch shortcut and Yahoo! Go 3.0 get voice-powered search

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Yahoo’s oneSearch. When a carrier make the effort to implement it into their WAP deck, it makes the generally convoluted process of searching for something on a mobile handset a whole lot less painful. Looking to strip the mobile search process down even further, Yahoo has announced that they have integrated voice-enabled search into… Read More

  • Elevator Pitch Friday: Palo Alto Software Makes Collaborative E-Mail Intelligent

    It’s Elevator Pitch Friday, which means another startup has created a video that’s worth showing you. This week’s presentation comes from Palo Alto Software, a software company startup that wants to make it easier for organizations to manage and collaborate using e-mail, to save time and be more productive. Palo Alto Software wants to make organizations more efficient, by… Read More

  • Tokyo Game Show: Let's Tap – "a game even penguins can play" (2 videos)

    Sega’s Let’s Tap [JP] for the Nintendo Wii has one of the strangest taglines I have ever heard: “Even a penguin could play this game!”. Let’s Tap’s key point is the controls. Users are not supposed to hold the Wiimote in their hands but to tap its surface to play the game. It’s a pity Sega didn’t let me try it out but at least I could take a… Read More

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