• iPhone 2.2 beta screenshot leaked; the world stops and stares

    iPhone 2.2 screenshots of have surfaced showing some evolutionary upgrades. The App Store is getting a fresh coat of paint with a slightly more streamlined interface and some icon placeholders. The big upgrade comes in the ability to download 10MB or less podcasts over the craptacular AT&T 3G network all from a polished Podcast directory. Details are sketchy if EDGE users will be left in… Read More

  • Intel Classmate tablet netbook first impressions

    By year’s end, we should see the first units of Intel’s second-generation Classmate PC hitting the shelves. The touchscreen netbook tablet (netblet?) should start at around $499 with Ubuntu Linux installed. Laptop got its hands on an early-production demo unit with a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, 60GB hard drive, and Windows XP and put it through some initial testing. Read More

  • The Full Jerry Yang Interview at Web 2.0

    If you’re curious about the talk that spurred such negative coverage of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang yesterday, here it is. From our perspective he’s out of gas. And needs to step aside for a new leader. http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/1568178642 Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Save up to 30 percent at closing Circuity City stores

    Circuit City’s awful, awful loss is our gain. The company is starting to close all those stores now, and is subsequently marking down the prices of all sorts of electronic gizmos. You can expect to save up to 30 percent on merchandise. My local Circuit City, which has always served me well, is staying open, so I won’t get to partake in the festivities. Read More

  • AT&T Fuze dropping at $299 on November 11th

    AT&T Fuze. You know, the slick slider from HTC, appears to be hitting stores on November 11th and will carry a $499 price without a contract or $299 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a two year contract. The deets come via an internal AT&T equipment brief document which, other than the price and availability, doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. Initial thoughts? Read More

  • How To Make Your Video Go Viral: Become President

    While Barack Obama had a lot of success spreading his message virally on the Web before he was elected president, his victory speech is on its way to becoming one of the fastest-spreading viral videos of all time. The official campaign version of the video on YouTube (embedded below) alone has been watched 1.9 million times in the past two days. But more than 500 different versions and clips… Read More

  • AT&T-sanctioned 3G tethering on the way for iPhone

    In an interview with Michael Arrington at the Web 2.0 Summit, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega let it be known that an official, AT&T sanctioned method of using the iPhone as a 3G modem for a laptop is on the way “soon”. What goes unmentioned is any sort of pricing information, which will undoubtedly be a determining factor in the tethering package’s adoption rate. Read More

  • Malaysia Air allows cell phone usage

    Malaysia Air has announced that they’ve allowed the use of cell phones on one of their Boeing 777-200 jets with a full rollout on all wide-bodied jets by next year if the service “proves to be successful.” Read More

  • The tough as nails Goodyear GY500X GPS drops; survives

    NCC and Goodyear have a GPS aimed right at the truck and recreational vehicle owner. The GY500X, of course, has the standard GPS navigation, but it also indicates commercial routes, height restrictions, weight restrictions and pretty much everything a big-rig would need to know. It sports a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity and that sexy rugged casing with the Goodyear logo on top. Read More

  • Babbel acquires FriendsAbroad in cash deal

    Berlin-based language learning site Babbel, which won an undisclosed round of funding from German VCs KIZOO and VC-Fonds three months ago, has acquired FriendsAbroad, the older UK-based language community startup. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed but is understood to be for cash. Under the deal FriendsAbroad will be closed after six months and its 500,000+ users encouraged to… Read More

  • OMG!! Another iPhone keyboard, this one Bluetooth OMG!!

    Hot on the heels of our first keyboard abomination we present this odd $92 keyboard for the iPhone. The BTKeyMini is available from Avalive and is on pre-order right now but it does work directly with the iPhone, which saves you from having to tear up an old third-party keyboard. Again, I’m totally OK with not having to carry a keyboard around but maybe you’re writing your novel… Read More

  • Floodgates: WPA partially cracked

    So it looks like Wi-Fi Protected Access, known to the cool kids as WPA, has been partially cracked. Even better, the methodology was recently incorporated into Aircrack-ng, which is one of the most popular “security” tools out there. Expect script kiddie attacks sooner rather than later. The actual method will be discussed at an upcoming security conference, PacSec, in… Read More

  • T-Mobile announces holiday line-up, gives away plane tickets

    Word of T-Mobile’s Holiday line-up just came down the wire, and it doesn’t look like they’ve kept any Christmas surprises up their sleeve. Anything that hasn’t been announced officially has been leaked for a few weeks now, so this pretty much just serves as one big confirmation. Motorola ZN5: Pictured on right. Announced and released 2 days ago. It’s a quadband… Read More

  • Etymotic ditches the lame iPhone mic, intros the hf5 earphones for real audiophiles

    It’s clear that bone conduction headphones aren’t quite there yet in terms of sound quality, so we’ll just have to cope with in-ear or over the ear headphones and today Etymotic announced a new set of hi-fi in-ears. The hf5 earphones have the same award winning technology as the hf2, but ditch the lame microphone. Tuned for a full dynamic range of sound coupled with the… Read More

  • Buffalo joins the 500GB 2.5" HDD party

    Large 2.5″ hard drives have slowly emerged throughout ’08 and now Buffalo got its hand stamped to the party. The drive, creatively named HD-NH500S/M, spins at 5400 RPM and connects via SATA. The drive is launching in Japan only for a cost of 166€ ($215 USD) but it might make its way ‘cross the Pacific. Read More

  • QWXGA resolution: Samsung 23-inch LCD monitor

    The sinister question mark strikes again—is this, really, the world’s first QWXGA LCD monitor? I do believe so, yes. It’s the Samsung 2342BWX, a 23-inch monitor with a 2048×1152-pixel resolution. One of the benefits of cramming so many pixels into 23 inches is that, perhaps, it eliminates the need for two monitors, which isn’t always an inexpensive proposition. As… Read More

  • AT&T Pushes Broadband Download Speeds To 18 Mbps On U-verse

    The U.S. might be lagging other countries in broadband penetration and speeds, but we are slowly catching up. AT&T is announcing today that its fiber-to-the-curb/fiber-to-the-home broadband service U-verse is increasing its maximum download speeds from 10 Mbps to 18 Mbps. (Upload speeds are 1.5 Mbps). The cost will be about $65 a month, or can be bundled with TV and voice plans for more. Read More

  • New lighted Kindle folio lights up your e-books

    One of the biggest cons for the Kindle, and most e-ink devices for that matter, is the lack of backlighting. Some call it a feature but others, like me, find it annoying at best. There are numerous lighting solutions for e-book readers and Periscope has another to add to the fold. The company integrated a LED reading light into a folio complete with a notepad and pockets. Kind of handy for… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Nokia 500 GPS with Bluetooth for $99

    Buy.com has what I consider to be a very intriguing deal on an affordable GPS system from Nokia. Inexpensive is one thing, but the $99 Nokia 500 has two features that make it worth looking at: Bluetooth for using your phone hands-free and an FM transmitter for playing music files loaded on an SD card over your car’s stereo system. Read More

  • Comment of the Day: Nature-driven snuff films

    A unique standpoint comes from TheHoldSteady in reaction to our post on storm chasers: I live in Kansas in an older house with no storm shelter nor basement. My town was nearly hit by the same tornado that just about wiped Greensburg from the face of the earth. Given that, I despise these ’storm chasers’ who aren’t out there to warn people of danger, but are merely engaging… Read More

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