• The saddest arcade in the world

    And it seems to me, you lived your life, like a Egghead in a mall. Never knowin’ who to cling to when same store sales began to fall. Read More

  • Review: Gears of War 2

    BODIES AS SHIELDS!!! This won’t be a complete review because I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. Like you, I’ve been waiting since I completed the first Gears of War, so instead, I’ll tell you what’s different. Cool? But I can tell you that it’s everything I could have ever hoped and dreamed for. The reviews that came out earlier this week were… Read More

  • Duracell battery tells you how to jumpstart your car

    According to a Xantrex Technology Inc. Survey, 71%of American travelers do not have an emergency preparedness kit in their vehicle, and only 11% have an independent jump-start solution that does not require another vehicle’s assistance.  Notably absent is the number of American drivers, like me, that have jumper cables but don’t have any idea how to use them properly. Read More

  • Meebo chats its way to the Android platform

    It was only a few days ago that we tore into the 20 dollar IM+ application for being overpriced, buggy, and lacking anything that justified that 20 dollar price tag. At the tail-end of that review, we expressed our hopes that an IM app done right would come along soon. Enter Meebo for Android, brought to you by the same people behind the awesome browser-based IM application of the same name. Read More

  • Geeky OS X pillows now have an official website: Throwboy

    You may have seen these nerdy little pillows around back in the day, but until now they haven’t really been readily available. I’ve already resorted to using a big sharpie on my own blank pillows, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Especially when the guy has launched a real live site and store dedicated to the cute little buggers. No third-party apps yet, which is too… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Dead Space

    http://static.escapistmagazine.com/media/global/movies/player/FlowPlayerDark.2.2.4-tm.swf?config=%7Bembedded%3Atrue%2CplayList%3A%5B+%7B+%27url%27%3A333%2C%27linkUrl%27%3A%27http%3A%2F%2Fwww.escapistmagazine.com%2Fvideos%2Fview%2Fzero-punctuation%2F333-Dead-Space%27%2C%27linkWindow%27%3A%27_top%27%2C%27name%27%3A%27Dead%2BSpace%27+%7D+%5D%2CsplashImageFile%3A%27http%3A%2F%2Fwww.escapistmagazine.com%2Fglobal%2Fcastfire%2Fsplash%2F333.jpg%27%2CshowVolumeSlider%3Atrue%2Cpid%3A%27html_test%27%2CinitialScale%3A%27fit%27%2Cloop%3Afalse%2CautoPlay%3Afalse%2CautoBuffering%3Afalse%2CusePlayOverlay%3Afalse%2CautoRewind%3Atrue%2CbufferLength%3A15%2CmenuItems%3A%5Bfalse%2Cfalse%2Cfalse%2Cfalse%2Ctrue%2Ctrue%5D%7D I don’t find it to repetitive at all, actually. I’m quite pleased.
    I don’t find it to repetitive at all, actually. I’m quite pleased&hellip… Read More

  • GoodGuide Takes Top Prize At Web 2.0 Summit Launchpad

    One of the featured events at this week’s Web 2.0 Summit was the Launchpad, a showcase of six companies that were each given 5 minutes to pitch a room full of VC’s, entrepreneurs, and other notables in the tech industry. The companies were judged by a panel of venture capitalists, consisting of: Chris Albinson (Panorama Capital), Patrick Chung (New Enterprise Associates)… Read More

  • Downturn-Busting Venture Round For iSkoot: $19 Million

    One thing’s for sure – the cream rises to the top in a downturn. And San Francisco/Israel based iSkoot, which has built technology that lets mobile users access Skype via normal mobile handsets, look like it’s the cream. The company has raised a third round of financing – $19 million from new investor Vision Opportunity Master Fund. Existing investors Charles River… Read More

  • LiveBlogging MySpace's Chris DeWolfe And Warner Music's Edgar Bronfman At Web2.0: Music, Music, Music (And Money)

    MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe and Warner Music Group’s Edgar Bronfman take the stage with John Battelle at the Web 2.0 Summit this evening. The topic: The Future Of Music. The time is ripe. MySpace has launched it’s new MySpace Music initiative; Facebook continues to explore its options. Our live notes are below: John Battelle starts things off by noting that MySpace Music continues to… Read More

  • Live maps now includes Photosynth links

    Although the utility of having Photosynths integrated with Live maps is questionable at the moment when compared with Street View, it’s only a matter of time before the map is a little more saturated with user-generated content. Imagine if a rooftop restaurant put out an official, well-done synth of the view from their deck — that’s really great exposure if it pops up when… Read More

  • Review: Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids

    http://www.viddler.com/player/df3b72de/ Short and sweet: Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids are just that: headphones for kids.  The cans fit little ears, and the swivel mounts allow for comfortable positioning.  Volume control on the cord, reasonable sound quality, and an affordable price make these a pretty good buy for Junior. Read More

  • T-Mobile temporarily halts 5610 XpressMusic sales – but it's not a recall

    Just a few minutes ago, we started receiving tips that T-Mobile and Nokia had decided to recall the 5610 XpressMusic phone, but T-Mobile dispelled the rumor almost immediately. According to our T-Mobile representative, they’ve temporarily halted all sales of the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic due to a defective component causing the LCD to go on the fritz, but the problem is limited enough that… Read More

  • New artworks available for the Zune

    46 new back panel designs for the Zune are now available. Neat-o. Read More

  • Contest Weeners: PU 4x Quad Charge Station

    Thanks to everyone who entered. And thanks to Penguin United for donating the 4x Quad Charge Station. And the weeners are… Read More

  • Ubisoft's Tom Clancy EndWar out today

    It’s been eight years since Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy franchise has launched a new title and today the World War III RTS EndWar is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The neat thing about this game is that you can play by just barking out orders into your headset. It’s kind of the ultimate lazy gamer’s game. Hit the jump to watch the FragDolls in case… Read More

  • Another piece of the RED puzzle

    What the deuce is it? They’re speculating wildly at the Reduser forum; some think it’s an combination rail/battery/control pack for the Scarlet (it says “Scarlet” around the “eye”), some think it’s not even orientated correctly in the picture and Jannard is playing a joke on them. Others question the material, ports and so on. We won’t know for… Read More

  • Mad Catz: Bass guitar and portable drum set for Wii

    Everyone’s favorite third-party peripheral company, Mad Catz, is getting in on the Rock Band craze. Early next year, the company will begin producing a bass guitar and a “portable percussion set” for the Wii version of the Rock Band franchise. I’m not sure how well a bass guitar would go over (not saying it won’t) but the idea of some sort of foldable… Read More

  • Mary Meeker's View Of The World In 50 Slides

    Every year at the Web 2.0 Summit, Morgan Stanley Internet analyst Mary Meeker gives her view of the world, the Web, and the technology industry by quickly going through about 50 slides that illustrate the major trends she is tracking. Last year, she zeroed in on the China Bubble. This year, she talks about the root causes of the current economic downturn, the outlook for Web businesses… Read More

  • The Claw Bike Storage device up for presale on Amazon

    Fans of ABC’s American Inventor should remember The Claw from last season. It’s a neat bike-hanging device that grabs and releases the bike, or other items, at a touch of the large button. The thought is all you need to do is lift your bike high enough to engage the button that releases the spring-equipped claws, therefore holding the bike in place. To release, you simple lift… Read More

  • A better Canon 5D mkII video than that last one

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/k2EG3pIShUlrmKPvoF In case the highly hyped “Reverie” short shot on a 5D mkII disappointed you, as it did me, here is an alternative. Some guys at Akihabara News put together a nice little reel called “Tokyo Reality” that I feel looks way better. The train shots around 1:20 are great, and it looked like they were careful to avoid the… Read More

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