• Rooting Android for Dummies

    PROCEED WITH CAUTION Ryebrye via Phandroid Read More

  • Breaking: MySpace Close To Acquiring iLike For $20 Million

    MySpace is close to acquiring popular social music service iLike, we’ve confirmed with multiple sources. The deal, which should close this week, will be MySpace’s first acquisition since new CEO Owen Van Natta took control of the company in April 2009. The price is “around $20 million.” iLike, which launched in late 2006, is a social music recommendation service that… Read More

  • Zendesk Raises $6 Million In B Round, Benchmark's Peter Fenton Joins Board

    Benchmark Capital is investing in Danish startup Zendesk, and led a $6 million B round of funding. Benchmark’s rock star partner Peter Fenton is joining the board. Zendesk just raised money in May in an A round from Charles River Partners, which also participated in this latest funding. Read More

  • Dell just unveiled its China-only smartphone "Mini 3i" (updated with better pictures)

    TechCrunch first broke the news about Dell releasing a smartphone exclusively for the Chinese market eight days ago. Some pieces of information on the so-called Mini 3i leaked a few days after, and today the Android device finally saw the light of day during a China Mobile event in Beijing (China Mobile is the world’s biggest phone carrier and distributes the phone in that country). Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Fiery Crash Edition

    Stylish ceramic speakers: expensive but very cool
    Sure, why not buy a Go Kart version of Batman’s Tumbler?
    DigiDudes: crowd-sourced keychain / tripod thingies Read More

  • CBS, Amazon Already Sniffing Around GDGT

    It’s less than two months old, and GDGT is already getting some high profile attention, and maybe even a few acquisition sniffs. One of our reliable sources told us today that they had reason to believe both CBS/CNET and Amazon were considering acquiring the company. After some digging, we’ve confirmed that CBS has considered investing in GDGT and that their subsidiary CNET has… Read More

  • How To Test The Limits Of Your Privacy On SpinVox

    Having witnessed the extent to which humans are involved in transcribing messages for SpinVox (the voicemail to text service), I have become concerned about the privacy of my data and personal communications. Although I’ve now cancelled my SpinVox subscription, I know (because CIO Rob Wheatley told me) that SpinVox, like Google, keeps data – which in SpinVox’s case means… Read More

  • MySpace Gets More Pearl Jam Love: Exclusive Short Documentary Debut

    Last month, our post about MySpace debuting Pearl Jam’s new single turned into a debate over who could rightly claim to be the true kings of grunge. Regardless of where you stand on that, let’s agree that Pearl Jam’s new album is starting to sound great. How do I know? Because a few more songs have just been unveiled by way of the new short documentary about the making of… Read More

  • Wakoopa’s State Of The Apps Report: Don't Hassle A Geek After 4pm

    Wakoopa tracks your desktop application usage in order to recommend new software, games and web applications. It has two main groups of users: professionals and hedonists. The professionals are using it to track their working hours, while hedonists use it to track their gaming. These users are stereotypical early adopters; what they use today we may all be using tomorrow. The company just… Read More

  • Survey: iPhone 3GS best selling cell phone in Japan in July

    It seems Japan, the country with the most advanced mobile infrastructure on the globe, has come to embrace the iPhone. According to a survey conducted by market research company GfK‘s Japanese subsidiary [JP], the 32GB model of the iPhone 3GS was the most popular phone in Japan last month. Read More

  • Samsung opens up TouchWiz development

    We’ll probably have some more details on this later today, but we’re able to spill some of it now seeing as much of it just went live on Samsung’s own site If you haven’t been keeping up with all the latest in Samsung news, here’s what you need to know: Samsung’s got a widget interface called TouchWiz, which they’ve been rolling out across their… Read More

  • Now The Guardian finds it can't just delete stories in the age of Twitter

    Well, we learnt our own harsh lesson about this recently, but now other media are finding they just can’t “pull stories” in the age of Twitter. MP Kerry McCarthy has been appointed as Labour’s new media campaign chief and a Guardian story outlined this in a story tonight on its site. Except it doesn’t. Tonight (Sunday night) the story has been pulled from the site… Read More

  • Yahoo Veterans Launch Rocket Fuel, A "Hybrid" Ad Network

    A team of Yahoo veterans who built its behavioral targeting advertising technology are publicly launching a hybrid ad network today called Rocket Fuel, which they’ve tested over the past year with major brands including Nike, Dell, Microsoft, and American Express. Despite keeping quiet, Rocket Fuel’s ad network reaches 40 million people and shows them about 100 million ads per… Read More

  • SocialToo lets you "do a Scoble" and unfollow everyone with one click… for $25

    Ever since Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) famously unfollowed everyone on Twitter, others have been unfollowing swathes of their own followers and a healthy debate has been started about how best to manage your follow list. (Here’s someone who thinks unfollowing everyone is a terrible idea and here’s my two cents on who I follow and why.) Not a company to miss cashing in on a… Read More

  • Has Twitter's aggressive protectionism come too late?

    Last week, we reported on Tweetmeme’s huge traffic surge, speculating that it could make Tweetmeme a buy target. But it seems that’s not the case: shortly afterwards, Twitter announced it was revamping the very concept of retweeting and launching its own retweet API. You’ll no longer have to use up valuable characters with “RT”, “via” and so on… Read More

  • Palm Pre Girl stops talking right at you

    Pre-thinking brings us the latest Tamara Hope Pre Ad with young Tamara talking more to her Pre than directly at us. Interestingly, Tamara looks much better when she isn’t Palm’s ghoulish Pre homunculus. Click through for a pleasant surprise. Read More

  • Anti-texting while driving message hits home WARNING GRAPHIC

    Before you watch this be warned it’s pretty graphic. I’ve seen plenty of people swerving because of texting – one guy I saw was on his old, ratty Nokia rolling from lane to lane as he texted whoever was most important in his life while traveling 75MPH on I75 in Ohio – and this PSA really shows what can, and probably will happen, in a terrible number of… Read More

  • Y Combinator Starts Seeding Ideas To Startups

    Y Combinator sees no shortage of startups that apply to be a part of their funding cycles. But they don’t always see all the ideas they’d like to see come out of the classes. So starting with the upcoming Winter 2010 cycle, they have a new idea called RFS, Requests For Startups. Basically, Y Combinator will issue some ideas of what they’re looking for in any cycle, and… Read More

  • Sony laptop can't play Sony disk with Sony drive on Sony TV

    Zing! Don’t try to watch your copy of Watchmen on your Vaio laptop with Blu-Ray on your Sony TV! Says one forum member at quartertothree.com I bought the watchmen DVD. Pretty cool right. Tried to play it on my sony laptop hooked up via hdmi to my sony flatscreen. Crashed of course. This was only annoying. The next six hours spent upgrading and rebooting the sony software that the… Read More

  • Firefox 3.5 Not Playing Nicely With Twitter

    Firefox 3.5, which we’ve ranted about recently, is not playing nicely with Twitter. In fact, for the last week at least users (including me, including today) have had a lot of problems updating status messages and following new people if they use Firefox 3.5. The site just hangs forever. Twitter knows about the issue and says they’re working on it. And the odd thing is that the… Read More

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