• VORP! TICK TOCK! Alarm clock slowly hovers upward

    I keep my alarm clock just outside my bedroom, which allows me to wake up early with the miniscule side-effect of being almost totally overwhelmed by agitation and puffy-eyed rage for the first two hours of each day. At least I don’t hit snooze, though. Though I’d likely find a way to rip this vertically-ascending orange ball of an alarm clock from the ceiling, it might be a… Read More

  • How-to: Enable transitional effects on the T-Mobile G1

    Feeling as if your G1 is a little bland in the animation department? Want those fancy sliding animations generally reserved for Google’s demonstrations? Worry no longer – afbcamaro from XDA Developers noticed that you can use a development package from the Android SDK that allows for you to access some fun features (such as sliding transitions) that didn’t make their way in… Read More

  • I'll Be On My Touch – Truphone Turns iPod Into Cellphone

    UK-based Truphone, a VoIP service provider for Wifi/data enabled handsets, today unveils a special version for owners of the iPhone Touch. The move is significant. The software effectively turns the Touch into a mobile phone, if limited to calls over WiFi. But there will be plenty of young people and college students who will use the Touch now for calls as well as WiFi over their campus networks. Read More

  • Downloadable TV and Movie section on TiVo [temporally?] not available; TiVo denies Amazon HD is coming

    TiVo owners found a placeholder button indicating a high definition Amazon HD service early this morning. The button, however, simply took users to the standard Amazon Top Downloads area instead of to HD content. Now the entire TiVo download section is not available, rather showing the image above instead of displaying services like Amazon, Web Videos, Jaman, and Disney. Furthermore, TiVo… Read More

  • Land Rover partners with Sonim for rugged phone line

    In today’s most perplexing bit of news, Sonim Technologies is announcing a partnership with Land Rover to bring out a series of rugged handsets bearing the British all-terrain vehicle manufacturer’s logo. While they’ve announced two devices, the Land Rover S1 and the Land Rover S2 G4, only the former has been pictured (see right). Awkwardly, the S1 looks almost exactly like… Read More

  • Unlock doors with your cellphone

    http://www.viddler.com/player/3c2d32b6/ Ever lose your hotel keycard? Ever have it get de-magnetized? Both of these are simple to resolve – just go to the front desk – but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t need to worry so much about the darn things? Nokia is working with VingCard to allow you to use your cellphone to open your hotel door. As described in the video… Read More

  • Give the gift of an iPhone3G (gift card)

    Apple is making it a tad easier to gift the iPhone3G with a dedicated Gift Card. Do I really need to explain anything else? It’s a gift card that buys a iPhone3G at an Apple Store. Actually, it’s kind of a neat idea for those that want to give the Jesusphone as a gift but do not have access to the recipients AT&T account. Read More

  • HTC Shadow (II) strikes back, makes FCC appearance

    If you’re in the market for a GSM/WiFi/UMA device, and enjoy slinking around in the darkness…HTC appears to have you covered. Roughly a year since the original HTC Shadow hit T-Mobile stores (and 6 months since a beta unit surfaced on ebay), the FCC has posted some dirt on HTC’s latest Winmo device, the Shadow II. Sporting a slightly redesigned, rounder (finger-magnet glossy)… Read More

  • Barf-o-matic ‘Sonic Nausea’ device is just what I need

    I live on the top floor of a three-floor Brownstone. Behind my building and down at ground level is the driveway of a couple in their mid-thirties who have a boy who does nothing but scream at the top of his lungs and a girl who does nothing but cry about everything. These children seem to be outside on the driveway all… day… long. Oh, and they just got a basketball hoop, too. The parents… Read More

  • TechMeme Gives Up On Fully Automated News

    3+ year old TechMeme, an automated news site that shows breaking news clustered by topic, has always generated “headlines” by analyzing how news sites link to each other. If a lot of sites start linking to something unique, TechMeme guesses it’s news. That isn’t working, says founder Gabe Rivera today in a blog post: “Only an algorithm would feature news about… Read More

  • Live TV On The iPhone – Courtesy Of Microsoft

    On Thursday Livestation, a P2P desktop application for streaming live TV broadcasts, will show a preview for its iPhone/iPod Touch app to do the same. Yes – live TV on the iPhone. Luckily we don’t have to wait. They’ve got a YouTube video, embedded after the jump, which shows the app working on an iPhone. The irony to all this is that Livestation is a product of a… Read More

  • CG/TC Notebook winners: Your pithy wit etherized like a patient on a table

    As you recall, we were giving away some notebooks from NotebookEngraver.com and JournalEngraver.com. We asked for your worst lines of overwrought poetry and clearly we struck a nerve because we got 115 examples of some of the worst verse imaginable, plus some folks who couldn’t figure things out. Our first winner, picked at random, is Russell: Read More

  • Canon can make SEDs again if anyone still cares

    There was a time when SEDs were going to dominate the HDTV landscape but a lawsuit between Canon and Applied Nanotech put shelved the technology few years ago. The lawsuit was won by Canon recently and now a court has granted the company permission to resume development. It’s a little too late now though. Read More

  • CrunchGear Interns Needed: Learn a new trade

    Looking to learn a new trade? Need freedom to just drive? Give blogging a try. The CG editors are looking for direct assistants, preferably based in the US or Europe. We’re not picky. How do you apply? Email john @ crunchgear dot com or AIM me at johnbiggsnyc. Be prepared to explain who you are, why you want to be a slave and work for free (sorry, it’s unpaid, but we can set up… Read More

  • OnceUponAWin Adds Some Nostalgia To The Lolcats Network

    Cheezburger Network, the company behind I Can Has Cheezburger and a number of other humorous blogs, has unveiled the newest addition to its popular blog network: OnceUponAWin, a site dedicated to finding and posting nostalgic photos and videos from your childhood. I have a hard time believing OnceUponAWin will be as popular as the network’s flagship blog about lolcats or FAIL Blog, a… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 4GB Zune + Car accessory pack for $100

    Considering the 4GB Zune goes for $100 by itself, I’d say this deal from Newegg is hard to pass up. The 8GB Zune black is also being bundled with the kit at a $10 discount. The rest of the 8GB colors are still $130, but you still get the car accessory kit for free, which is usually sold for $70. Couple that with the new Zune Pass and you’ve got yourself a pretty righteous deal. Read More

  • Amazon iPhone app: Take photos of items then buy them moments later

    Spending your fiat money from the comfort of your iPhone is even easier, now that Amazon has released an application (“App”) for Apple’s little wonder. The mundane functions are as you’d expect: you launch the app, then you can browse and buy goods from Amazon just as you would from your computer. What’s worth singling out is this little photo-takign feature. Read More

  • This Week on CrunchBoard

    Make sure to look at the latest job listing on CrunchBoard. While doing that take a look at our new Crunchboard Service and Sales Directories. They are a great way to connect with the start-up community. Click through for some of jobs posted in the past week. Read More

  • Software unlock for BlackBerry 8000/9000 series released

    Got just about any GSM BlackBerry laying around that you want to take to another carrier, but just can’t seem to find anyone who can get the job done? You’re in luck. From the darkest pits of who-knows-where, someone has gone and released the MFI Multiloader required to free BlackBerry 8000 and 9000 devices from their reins. It’s not for the faint of heart – coming in… Read More

  • HD Netflix now on Samsung Blu-ray players thanks to new firmware

    Firmware now available for the Samsung BD-P2550 / BD-P2550 Blu-ray players enables HD Netflix streaming. The players had previously been able to access standard definition Netflix content but who wants to watch SD on their HDTV? No one, so firmware 2.1 is well appreciated. Any owners care to give us a first report. Read More

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