• A salute to FinishLine.com’s sustainable shipping

    The little lady ordered up a pair of running shoes from FinishLine.com recently and, wouldn’t you know it, the tiny 12” x 7” x 4” shoebox was shipped in a gigantic 19” x 19” x 19” box devoid of padding, air bubbles, or any other type of filler. Read More

  • "Playstation 2 Portable" on eBay

    Homebrewer Ben decided that existing handheld systems just weren’t cutting it, so he went about creating a portable version of that venerable PS2. However, instead of hacking a controller onto a display and putting it all together, he appears to have put his PS2 Slim in a bag with a battery and is selling it for $500. Read More

  • MySpace v. Facebook Advertising Showdown. Which Platform Is Better?

    The guest post below is written by Ryan Hupfer at HubPages. A couple of weeks ago HubPages ads were blocked from MySpace’s new self serve ad platform, MyAds, as being competitive to MySpace. That problem was fixed, but we asked Ryan, who advertises on both MySpace and Facebook, to write a guest post comparing the two platforms. His results are below. In a nutshell, he finds Facebook a… Read More

  • Star Wars diorama built from 60,000 LEGO blocks

    Believe it or not, I actually feel that it IS possible to over-report on LEGO-centric phenomena. However, this 60,000-piece LEGO diorama portraying the epic battle at Hoth is a miracle of modern block-building. Read More

  • Tesla accuses Top Gear of foul play in roadster test

    In case you missed it, British auto show Top Gear took a Tesla Roadster for a drive and found it exciting but unreliable, as both cars appeared to fail on the track. Tesla alleges that the BBC either misrepresented or actually made up one or both of the problems in an effort to play on viewer expectations for an all-electric sports car. Read More

  • No Steve Jobs at MacWorld means he's leaving soon, right? Right?!

    As you well know, Steve Jobs won’t be at MacWorld next month; Apple won’t be at MacWorld next year. Read More

  • New Mac Mini leaked?! No, absolutely not

    Macenstein got a hot tip from some mysterious stranger claiming to have found the newest Mac Mini design with the Apple-esque tagline “The world’s smallest desktop computer.” Read More

  • Techfluff.tv – UK Internet culture delivered with a wink

    After a couple of episodes, it’s becoming clear that Techfluff.TV is in many respects the UK’s answer to Pop17 and RocketBoom. Every week TechFluff delves into the world of web-celebrities and tech startups, particularly the London scene right now, but increasingly across Europe (if the Le Web video is anything to go by). What’s fun about TechFluff is that it doesn’t… Read More

  • Will This Economy Finally Push the Toyota Way Into Software Development?

    This summer, I worked under marketing thought-leader Seth Godin. I’ll never forget his quote about innovation: “Creativity thrives under constraints.” Last spring, I spent a week shadowing one of the world’s top lean manufacturing experts–a Japanese sensei who had worked under Taiichi Ohno. The lean manufacturing movement began when the Japanese realized they… Read More

  • Fear Kills Businesses, Dead

    It’s official. We’re in a recession. Recessions naturally inject fear and panic, which is only heightened by every discussion of market losses, layoffs, bailouts, and somber predictions. We’re only human after all; of course everything affects us personally and emotionally. Fear is not a catalyst for productivity however. With valuable advice pouring in from concerned… Read More

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