• Holy frak! A Cylon pumpkin kit!

    This BSG Cylon kit might be old, but who cares! It’s eff’n sweet. Just buy this $17.99 kit and bust out your Boy Scout carving skills. Best geeky pumpkin ever. Beats my Pac-man carvings from last year by a mile.  Read More

  • FCC report helps case for free nationwide wireless

    FCC Chairman Kevin Martin Here’s the story so far. There’s a company called M2Z Networks that wants to lease the band of wireless spectrum between 2155-2175 MHz known as AWS-3 (Advanced Wireless Service). M2Z then wants to turn around and use that band to provide free wireless internet access “for 95 percent of the population within 10 years,” according to the AFP. Read More

  • Microsoft's Next OS To Be Called "Windows 7". Seriously.

    Microsoft has announced that the latest version of Windows, due in the next couple of years, will be called – drumroll please – Windows 7. It’s about time Microsoft adopted a naming system that might actually make some sense to users, but I can’t wait for hordes of customers to start asking if they somehow missed Windows 1 through 6. Windows has had one of the most… Read More

  • My tale of a pleasant experience with a Comcast rep [Update: I'm back to hating Comcast]

    I had been dreading this call all day. I was going to have to dial-up Comcast and attempt to order a couple of Cable Cards for a TiVo HD XL and I wasn’t looking forward to the ensuing conversations. To my absolute surprise though, the call went well. The billing specialist listened to my needs, recommended the right solution which happened to be two cable cards and didn’t try… Read More

  • "Mystery Port" mystery continues despite claims

    Now those hucksters over there at 9to5Mac (for shame!) are claiming a tipster has told them it’s a battery release latch. Well, if Apple knew nothing about designing hardware, and the MBP didn’t already have a battery release latch, I might have believed it! Seriously, a battery release latch there would be calamitous. And it’s not a dock thing either, damn your eyes! Just… Read More

  • RjDj Generates An Awesome, Trippy Soundtrack For Your Life

    RjDj, a new iPhone application that was released earlier this week, is one of the coolest things I’ve seen released on the still fledgling platform. Download it now, if only to try it for a few minutes. You can download the full version for $2.99 here, or you can try out the free version (which only has one ‘scene’). The application is difficult to describe and on paper… Read More

  • Web-enabled deodorant dock uploads usage patterns

    I’d love to be able to say, “Now I’ve seen it all!” and actually mean it, but something even more wonderfully weird than this net-connected deodorant dock will eventually come along and usurp all the bizarre inventions of days gone by. Today, though, it’s the “Zero Privacy” deodorant dock that takes the cake. It was originally built as a class project… Read More

  • More MashLogic Invites Available on InviteShare

    We’ve run out of our 500 pre-allotted beta invites for MashLogic, a new Firefox plugin that puts users in control of website links. But you can get one by putting your name down on InviteShare, where current MashLogic users are encouraged invite up to two people each. Also check out David Cowan’s post on the release of MashLogic. Cowan, a partner at Bessemer, describes the plugin… Read More

  • PS3 and PSP updates enable much newness

    The latest updates for the PS3 and PSP adds a pretty fair amount of useful functionality. You can customize when your PS3 and controllers go to sleep, and can set your PS3 to shut down after finishing a big download. There’s support for the new SOCOM bluetooth headset, you can now see more info on friends who aren’t online, and you can take screenshots in-game now, if the game… Read More

  • AmEx Card Members, Vote Now And Help DonorsChoose Win $1.5 Million

    Are you an American Express card holder? Then your vote can help provide supplies to 100,000 school children in the U.S. American Express is giving away $2.5 million to the top charities its members vote for, and DonorsChoose right now is in third place for the top $1.5 million prize. And it is only about 1,000 votes away from second place. There are about six hours left to vote. You can… Read More

  • Toyota iQ gets 55+ MPG, coming to Europe in January

    Gas, schmas. Here’s the Toyota iQ, an actual, real car that’s available for pre-order in Europe now and will hit the roads there in January. It’s small, yes, but it can hold four people – Toyota recommends three adults and one child – and best of all, it gets a pretty amazing 55+ miles per gallon. Read More

  • Settle in for DPReview's Nikon D90 Review

    In one of their trademark incredibly in-depth reviews that has made them perhaps the authority on digital cameras on the internet, DPReview now takes on the Nikon D90. This successor to the popular and excellent D80 improves in a variety of areas, including: more megapixels (12), faster motor drive (4.5fps), improved ISO and low-light performance, a better, bigger LCD screen (3.0")… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MSI Wind with XP for $399 after rebate

    Wow, lotsa good deals today. J&R is selling the black MSI Wind with Windows XP for $399 after a $50 price break and $50 mail-in rebate. And – and! – it would appear that they have them in stock, too. This is the three-cell battery version, if you’re wondering. But for $399, that’s a hard deal to pass up if you’re looking for a good netbook. The $50 mail-in… Read More

  • LaCie big boxin' it with the 5Big RAID NAS

    LaCie, no stranger to the storage game, is putting out a unique-looking and high-capacity RAID network-attached storage box. It’ll hold up to 7.5TB at the moment, which is a huge amount but looks smaller every day as storage capacities skyrocket. I’d say a year ago a terabyte was like “wow, a terabyte?” and now it’s like “yeah, let me get a couple of… Read More

  • Can Twitter Authors Capture The Magic Of LonelyGirl15?

    Last year we ran a post introducing the idea of Twitter as a conduit for fiction when we wrote about Twittories, a series of crowdsourced stories comprised of 140 Twitter messages from up to 140 different people. Now it seems that some individual authors are exploring using Twitter as an alternative to the traditional novel. Professional author and freelance writer Nikki Katz has launched her… Read More

  • Eee all-in-one touchscreen PC: a good first step

    Remember that Eee Monitor from a while back? Well! It’s all growns up and it’s sporting a touchscreen and Windows XP. I have to say, though, as nice as it would be to have a little XP touchscreen around the house, the specs are a little lacking: 1GB of RAM, a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 160GB HDD, and 128GBMB (heh) of shared graphics. The 15.6-inch screen would be nice to run your… Read More

  • Acer X3200 desktop and P244W 24-inch LCD released

    Acer has announced a tiny-but-loaded desktop in the Aspire X3200. For an MSRP of $679.99, you get an AMD triple-core processor running at 2.1GHz, 4GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8200 graphics, 640GB SATA hard drive at 7,200 RPM, Blu-ray drive/DVD-burner, Vista Home Premium 64-bit, nine USB ports, and HDMI, all in a 10.4” x 12.4” x 3.9” package. Also available is the 24-inch P244W… Read More

  • Flash Web Editor Wix Raises $3.5 Million, Shows Signs of Early Growth

    Today, Wix announced that it raised a $3.5 million series B round From Mangrove Capital Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. The Israeli startup offers a Web-based Flash editor for making artful widgets and Websites, but without losing any SEO juice. (I’ve embedded two examples below). The service has been showing some healthy growth since it launched in public beta last June. … Read More

  • The Big Picture gets up close and personal with the Sun

    What geek doesn’t enjoy some great high-res astronomy pics? One of the best photography blogs out there, The Big Picture, has 21 stunning Sun photos up for your enjoyment. Dial-up users be warned; click the link and run to the store ’cause these massive pics are going to take some time to load. Read More

  • Xberry brings Xbox Live to your BlackBerry

    You have to imagine that at least a few Xbox Live users have a BlackBerry and this app is aimed right at ’em. XBerry Live! seems to do about everything a Live user would want on the go, but be warned that this BlackBerry app isn’t going to make your day go by any quicker. Just think, it’s around 2 o’clock and you see all your buddies gaming away on COD4 while you have… Read More

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