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Analytics can solve generative AI apps’ product problem

Technology alone isn’t a sustainable moat for AI products, especially with the barrier to entry only continuing to go down.

Today’s AI funding rush reminds me of the fintech investing hype of 2021

We're seeing a lot of folks push their capital into just a few squares on the betting table. One way or another, the result is going to be notable.

Visual Electric launches an AI-powered image generator with a designer workflow focus

Visual Electric, a company backed by Sequoia Capital, has launched its generative AI-based image-generation tool aimed at designers. The company was founded in November 2022 by CEO Colin Dunn, a forme

Beeper reverse-engineered iMessage to bring blue bubble texts to Android users

The push to bring iMessage to Android users today adds a new contender. A startup called Beeper, which had been working on a multi-platform messaging aggregator, is now launching a new app called Beep

Respell wants to help non-technical end users spin up AI-powered workflows

When Respell founder Matthew Rastovac was in high school, he did an internship where his job was to copy information from a government website into a spreadsheet. It was mind-numbing work, so being an

Git platform AllSpice now curries favor with enterprises

AllSpice shifted its strategy to bring enterprise engineers together to more easily collaborate on projects.

Mine digs up $30M for its no-code approach to vetting data privacy

Israeli startup Mine made a name for itself a few years ago with a tool designed for consumers to quickly run an audit of their data privacy situation. One scan of your inbox using AI and specifically

Veteran life sciences firm RA Capital spins up ‘planetary health’ team to ride climate tech wave

Partners at RA Capital realized that if they didn't try to address climate change and its health effects, their life science investments wouldn't be as impactful.

Rightbot, which is developing robots to unload freight, lands investment from Amazon

Rightbot, a startup developing suction-based robots that can unload truck-transported freight in a range of sizes, has raised $6.25 million in a funding round led by Amazon’s Industrial Innovati

Cambium closes $19M Series A to develop advanced biomaterials for next-gen hardware

If the 1970s and ‘80s were the Renaissance of advanced polymer discovery, we are now living through a Dark Ages. The reason for such persistent stagnation in the field is relatively straightforward:

Kyron Learning secures $14.6M to expand its conversational AI technology

Kyron Learning, an AI-based learning startup, announced today its $14.6 million Series A funding round plus an $850,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The new capital will further

Meta and IBM form an AI Alliance, but to what end?

Meta, on an open source tear, wants to spread its influence in the ongoing battle for AI mindshare. This morning, the social network announced that it’s teaming up with IBM, whose audience is de

EnCharge raises $22.6M to commercialize its AI-accelerating chips

Around a year ago, TechCrunch wrote about a little-known company developing AI-accelerating chips to face off against hardware from titans of industry — e.g. Nvidia, AMD, Microsoft, Meta, AWS an

Vancouver’s Fantuan raises $40M to deliver real Asian food at your doorstep

For those who move abroad from China, one thing they miss dearly is the convenience of food delivery apps. Fantuan, a Vancouver-based company, has been working on replicating the experience of Chinese

Foretellix raises $85M to build and test scenarios for self-driving systems

On their way to building fully autonomous vehicles, self-driving car makers are facing a tall task: training their AIs to be able to respond reliably to any and all scenarios that a car, truck or bus

Used by only a few nerds, Facebook kills PGP-encrypted emails

In 2015, as part of the wave of encrypting all the things on the internet, encouraged by the Edward Snowden revelations, Facebook announced that it would allow users to receive encrypted emails from t

Meta set to discontinue cross-messaging between Instagram and Facebook

Meta has silently updated its support pages to indicate that the company won’t let users on Instagram message their Facebook contacts anymore. The company, as pointed out by 9to5Google, said the

Omniful, a supply chain and e-commerce enablement startup, emerges from stealth with $5.85M

Supply chain and e-commerce enablement startup Omniful has today emerged from stealth with $5.85 million seed funding led by VentureSouq, with participation from 500 Global, DASH Ventures, Jahez Group

Carbon Maps, an environmental accounting startup for the food industry, gets new backers

Carbon Maps is a relatively new entrant in the carbon and environmental accounting space as it is less than one year old. But the French company has already secured $7.6 million in funding (€7 milli

SoftBank Corp. takes 51% of Cubic Telecom for $513M to drive into the connected car world

Automakers and technology companies are building ever-more sophisticated digital platforms into the future generations of cars and other vehicles. Today, a startup that’s built a system to make
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