Almost Half Of All Online Orders Now Include Free Shipping

<img src="" alt="" /> Online retail spending reached <a href="

Wonga won The Startup100 awards, not Spotify

<img src="" class="shot2" />A month has passed since I stood on stage and announced Spotify as winner of The Telegraph

(Founder Stories) How Hashable Rose From The Ashes Of Tracked

<img src="" /> Before there was <a href="">Hashable</a>, there was <a href="

Leaked: The Samsung "Hercules" For T-Mobile Is One Part Infuse 4G, One Part Monster

Developers Prefer GPL, Enterprises Prefer Apache

<img src="" /><a href="">OpenLo

Intel Promises x86-based Phones In 2012

<img src="" />During investment presentations, Intel CEO Paul Otellini admitted that the company’s old strategy for mobile needed a ma

Dragontape brings its YouTube and SoundCloud remix app to iPad

<img class="shot" title="Dragontape" src="" alt="" width="150" height="50" /><a href="">Dragontap

Samsung "Hawk" (Exhibit 4G) Landing In T-Mobile Territory June 8

<img src=""June 8 is to <a href="//”/" />June 8 is to <a href="//

Wait? The Nerf Nuke Isn't Real?

I think there’s a deep message somewhere in here….I just want a Nerf Nuke.

Kineo School Slate Now Shipping In The U.S.

<img src="">Another day, another slate aimed at the education market. The Brainchild Kineo is an education-

LG Revolution May Join Verizon's Xperia Play, Droid X2 in May 26 Launch

<img src="" />May 26 is shaping up to be a hectic day over at Verizon, as the carrier has seemingly planned a device-launch hat

OMG/JK: Chromebooks And Droided Out Lightbulbs

<img src="" />From Google I/O to Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, last week was a huge one for tech news. In this episode of OMG/JK, m

Radio Shack To Pick Up The HTC Inspire 4G In Red?

Diggin’ that AT&T HTC Inspire, but want something a little bit more… spicy ? Maybe somethin’ to go with those candy red kicks you bought for your next salsa class? If this rumor

14% Of Groupon/LivingSocial Subscribers Respond To Push Notifications

<img src="" alt="" /> As I'm writing this the perky blue box on my iPhone has lit up with a "Groupon: 64% off

NVIDIA CEO: Android Will Overtake iOS On Tablets In 30 Months

<img src="">Today at the Reuters Global Technology Summit, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang threw out a prediction for the future of th

A Little Augmented Reality Check From Metaio

As a fan of Augmented Reality and its potential, I have, for some time, been thinking about how the technology will benefit from the larger screen real estate that tablets provide. There are plenty of

Simfy raises €10m for its "German Spotify' – guns international expansion

<img class="shot" title="Simfy" src="" alt="" width="107" height="42" /><a href="">Simfy</a>, the s

All Of July 2009: Tumblr Did 250 Million Pageviews. May 16, 2011: Tumblr Did… 250 Million Pageviews

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-304188" title="p-19UtqE8ngoZbM" src="" alt="" />Two years ago, <a href="">

Apple Wants To Make SIM Cards Even Smaller Than MicroSIM

You know, I’m really no fan of the SIM card’s pint-sized baby brother, the microSIM. It’s not that I have a thing against small objects, mind you — those itty-bitty bottles of Chol

uma raises $1.1 million for semantic web technology

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Vienna, Austria-based semantic web technology company <a href="">uma</a> has <a href="http://
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